AR500 PDW Freeman Loadout Plate Carrier & Armor Bundle $163.50

AR500 Freeman Armor Bundle lowest price April 2024

AR500 Armored Republic has a short-time offer of 50% OFF the AR500 Armor PDW Freeman Loadout Plate Carrier & Armor Bundle, now just $163.50. Heart and lungs don’t grow back; your upper torso needs coverage when you’re engaging in an armed threat. The Freeman Kit gives that coverage.

AR500 Armor PDW Freeman Loadout Plate Carrier & Armor Bundle

AR500 Armor’s Freeman is a unique carrier for its small size- made specially for the included Octagonal 9×9 plates, it covers your vitals while being easy to transport and easy to wear. The carrier’s material consists of a Cordura front and a 500D Nylon Cordura back. Also, using the laser-cut PALS system, it is capable of accommodating up to 3 magazine pouches. Thin but durable and comfortable Hypalon straps contribute to its low profile.

The included 9″ x 9” A1 Armor Plates are robust plates capable of stopping common rifle threats such as .308 and Green Tip (full details on spec sheet). Unless you’re in a literal warzone, you can expect this protection level to be fully sufficient.

Each plate’s FragLock coating keeps a bullet’s fragments from hitting you after impact, with the base coat capturing or deflecting those fragments away. The Build-Up Coat protects the user by helping capture fragmentation (a bullet’s broken apart pieces after impact).

The included pair of 9×9 Trauma Pads help mitigate blunt impact and prevent backface deformation, one placed right behind each steel plate.

Each pouch of the Multi-Caliber Pistol Magazine Double Pouch accommodates two magazines of all common pistol rounds in single or double stack form, from .22LR to .50AE, and everything in between- even Five-Seven. That being said, it’s a perfect way to keep needed ammo on hand, with no significant weight addition at just 1.9 ounces.

AR500 Armor PDW Freeman Loadout Plate Carrier & Armor Bundle $163.50 50% OFF

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