Andy’s Best Plants for the Winter Garden

Andy Schenk of Malvern, Pennsylvania, calls his garden “Look Again Garden,” and today he is sharing some photos that will certainly make you look again, as these are some of his top plants that look beautiful in the winter. His garden sits at the edge of Zones 6 and 7.

Hamamelis ovalis (Zones 6–9) is a relatively new species of witch hazel in cultivation, native to southeastern North America. The flowers are small but are great for early color in the garden.

Prunus ‘Fudan-zakura’, a gift from the Morris Arboretum, is a cool prunus that flowers in both fall and spring much like Prunus × subhirtella ‘Autumnalis Rosea’.

Croton alabamensis (Zones 6–8), showing stunning fall color and still mostly evergreen at this time, is native to the southern United States.

These Cyclamen hederifolium (Zones 4–9) seedlings are displaying amazing leaf colors and patterns.

Danae racemosa (Zones 6–8) is a fantastic evergreen shrub that is happy in deep shade. Its red fruit is spectacular right now.

This Torreya grandis (Zones 8–9, maybe colder) has surprised me for its hardiness. It also appears to be deer resistant, as I have never seen any browse.

Torreya jackii was another surprise. I love the long needles and weeping habit.

Cephalotaxus fortunei (Zones 7–9) is a rather uncommon species of Cephalotaxus. It is a great evergeen for a shady spot and also shows excellent deer resistance.

Cornus (aka Benthamidia) elliptica ‘Summer Splash’ (Zones 7–9) is one of the evergreen dogwoods, but its variegated foliage makes it even better the others.

Good-old Chimonanthus praecox (Zones 7–10)—I could not imagine a winter garden without this fragrant beauty.


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