Young Buck With a Fractured Leg Will Inspire You to Keep Going

When things get tough, remember “Tino,” a young buck who survived not only whatever accident led to his fractured leg but also months of living in the wild with a fractured leg as it healed. (This is no small feat for a prey species.)

A YouTube video compiled by A Wisconsin Wildlife Journal shows a young whitetail deer in Wisconsin, which the property owner named Tino, on a wildlife trail cam healing over time after a nasty fracture to one of its legs. Late in November last year, Tino first appeared on camera injured, his right front leg dangling.

Tino limps around, going about his business for a few weeks, until mid-December. Things start to look up when Tino appears to put some weight on his fractured leg as he looks for food in the woods.

Later in December, Tino’s limp is visibly improved. He even chases after some does.

By mid-January, just seven weeks after his injury, Tino is walking again without any human intervention or care. It’s an incredible story of survival and pure grit.

Watch Tino the buck’s fractured leg heal up against the odds:

A Wisconsin Wildlife Journal wrote in the video caption: “This young buck sustained a horrible fracture . . . but he did not know the word ‘quit’!”

Thanks, Tino, for the inspiration!

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