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Yanmar unveils battery-powered CE trio

When it comes to construction equipment, Yanmar CE has been there and done that. No doubt, the company has reached quite a few milestones since it opened for business in 1912. For instance, in 1933, they developed the world’s first practical small diesel engine. By the 1960s, they were supplying engines to leading manufacturers like John Deere, and, in 1992, they produced their 10 millionth diesel engine. That said, the brand’s latest milestone is distinctly 21st century: the Yanmar trio of electric construction equipment.

Unveiled in April at the Intermat 2024 expo, the lineup includes the SV17e Mini-Excavator, the V8e Wheel Loader, and the C08e Tracked Carrier. Here’s a closer look at what each of them has to offer.

Yanmar Electric Construction Equipment Performance and Design

Yanmar SV17e Electric Mini-Excavator

Yanmar SV17e Electric Mini-Excavator

At the heart of the SV17e is an 18.3 kWh battery, which Yanmar says offers reliable power and runtime. Specifically, the excavator’s short and long arms deliver digging forces of 9.9 kN and 8.9 kN, respectively, along with a 16 kN bucket force. Furthermore, the SV17e has two operating modes to help extend battery life.

In terms of capability, this unit has a max digging depth of about 9 feet. It also has a 13-foot reach and a roughly 9-foot dumping height.

According to Yanmar, this electric excavator is nearly silent when in operation, which is not something you typically associate with construction equipment.

Other features include an LCD interface and an optional fast charger.

Key Specs:

  • Model: Yanmar SV17e
  • Battery: 18.3 kWh
  • Digging force: 8.9 – 9.9 kN
  • Bucket force: 16 kN
  • Digging depth: 9 ft
  • Operating weight: 4,310 lbs
yanmar ceyanmar ce

Yanmar V8e Electric Wheel Loader

Starting with the power plant, Yanmar gives you two battery options with the V8e – a stock 39.9 kWh system or a 53.2 kWh upgrade. The standard battery should give you about 4 hours of continuous operation (in bucket mode).

In this model, Yanmar paid close attention to safety and comfort. (Who says construction equipment can’t boast luxury?) The V8e features a newly designed cabin with enhanced visibility, adjustable armrests, and a heated seat.

Key Specs:

  • Model: Yanmar V8e
  • Battery: 39.9 kWh (standard); 53.2 kWh (upgrade)
  • Runtime: ~ 4 hrs
  • Work modes: Bucket, Fork, Eco, Power
  • Operating weight: 9,920 lbs

Yanmar C08e Electric Tracked Carrier

Rounding out Yanmar’s electric construction equipment trio is the C08e. Driving this beast is a high-performance electric motor that provides 5.5 kW-rated power and 6.5 kW peak. It features hydrostatic transmission designed for smooth handling on inclines of up to 20°.

Its haul body can carry from 12 to 15 cubic feet.

To keep things running with minimal downtime, the C08e uses a 3.3 kW off-board charger, which can refresh the battery from 20% to 80% capacity in 3.5 hours.

Key Specs:

  • Model: Yanmar C08e
  • Battery: 10.4 kWh
  • Work modes: Eco, Performance, and High-Performance
  • Haul body capacity: 12 – 15 cu ft
  • Operating weight: 1,600 – 1,900 lbs

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Yanmar Electric Construction Equipment Availability

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