Woke Leftists Have The Gall To Express “Shock” at Toxic Tree They Planted


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Coming to a theater near you!

  1. Bail-reform,
  2. Open borders,
  3. Sanctuary cities,
  4. Restorative justice,”
  5. Woke/leftist prosecutors, mayors, governors

All represent “seeds of destruction” for our cherished American way of life.

One of the illegal aliens who battered NYPD Patrolmen a few weeks ago was out on “cashless bail” (for another felony) and, as we see, immediately re-offended.

A “deadly alliance” has recently developed between MS-13 and the bloodthirsty Venezuelan Tren de Aragua Gang.

Now, we hear NY’s governor and NYC’s mayor sheepishly express “surprise and concern.”

The rest of us are anything but surprised!

What does surprise us is the way woke leftists have the gall to express “shock” that the toxic tree that they planted and nurtured is now yielding poisonous fruit.

And, the “poisonous harvest” has just begun!

This is what leftists/Communists/Democrats have deliberately put in motion, and their manufactured crime spree shows no sign of slowing down.

The prudent take reasonable precautions, including permanent departure from NY, CA, IL, et al., while still possible.


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