Who’s Country Is It? Time Take it Back by Force


  • Government vs. People: The U.S. government has usurped power from its citizens, undermining the principle that it operates with the consent of the governed.

  • Armed Sovereignty: The true ownership of America lies with its armed citizens, and that sovereignty is based on armed power rather than democratic governance.

  • Narrow Definition of “True Americans”: It is time to exclude those who criticize the nation’s policies and symbols from being considered “True Americans” and drive out the democratic ideal of an inclusive citizenship that embraces “diverse” [aka unAmerican] viewpoints.

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United Patriots

America: Whose Country is it, anyway? If you were to ask the average American that question, he or she would be apt to look at you quizzically or, perhaps, even angrily, as if it were a nonsensical question.

If he responded, he would likely testily say: “America belongs to me and to you—all of us—the American people,” and he would probably expect you to leave the matter at that.

But is the answer really so cut and dry? And, if it were true once, a long time ago, is it still true today?

Does America not belong to the Federal Government rather than to the people? Have not the American people, through their consent to be governed by it, capitulated to it when that Federal Government, through the power it has wrongly usurped from the people and accumulated through time and now exerts over the people, makes abundantly clear that they have little, if any, say over what the Government does, ostensibly in their name?

Isn’t it vacuous quibbling to say that the Country belongs to the people if they have little or no appreciable control over what the Government does, operating, more often than not, against the interests of the people and contrary to the dictates of the U.S. Constitution?

If the Country does belong to “The People,” then who are these People to whom America belongs?

The People To Whom America Belongs Are The Citizenry. More To The Point, The People To Whom America Belongs Are The Armed Citizenry.

The Second Amendment of the Nation’s Bill of Rights clarifies that America belongs to the people, to “The Common Man.”

And the armed citizenry is, then, “the common man.” The government operates solely at the pleasure of the common man, who remains sole sovereign over the government and enforces his sovereignty, if necessary, through the arms he bears. That is self-evident, true.

But there is another assumption made here.

The assumption is that the American people cherish the Nation’s rich history, heritage, culture, ethos, and Judeo-Christian ethic, which values the sanctity and inviolability of the individual over the collective will of the State.

They have a vested interest in the well-being of their Country and desire to maintain it as the Founders, America’s First Patriots, intended.

Now, some in the electorate take exception to that description. They may retort,

“Well, does not that ‘Common Man’ include a person—

  • Who expresses marked disdain for the Constitution and for our fundamental, unalienable, unmodifiable, eternal Natural Law Rights, and
  • Who exhibits unblemished, raw, rabid hatred for our Nation’s sacred emblems, monuments, statues, and art, and demonstrates abject loathing for the American Flag and for the Country it represents, and
  • Who has shown visible contempt for our Free Republic, and
  • Who unceremoniously pulls down our Nation’s Flag, tramples upon it, burns it, mocks it, and disgracefully, reprehensibly bends a knee, lowers his head, and contemptuously raises arm and fist in the air when the National Anthem plays, and the Flag is raised high, and
  • Who actively, avidly calls for our Nation’s destruction, its utter annihilation, all the while unabashedly embracing our Nation’s enemies and their goals and causes?

Are we to say that, for such a person, such an “American,” this Country is his Country, too, notwithstanding he declares his unbridled hatred of America?

No! America is not his Country!

America is not his Country because that person has rejected America by his own words and actions. He has renounced it, disowned it.

This may not have the effect of a formal renunciation. There is a legal process for that.

But it is a worse situation for everyone when a person who abhors America remains in it, keeping his status of “citizen” and, in fact, relying on it but for an evil purpose: Destruction of the Country from within.

Thus, This Country, The United States Of America——

  • Does Not belong to a person, a citizen, who spurns it, who contemptuously disowns it and applauds its ruin, and who actively, avidly works to wrench America from the hands of those True Americans who cherish Their Country, who seek to preserve and strengthen it in accordance with the tenets, precepts, and principles of Individualism upon which the Nation’s Framers and First Patriots conceived and constructed this Nation.
  • Does Not belong to the noncitizen.
  • Does Not belong to the Federal Government, or to any Government, or to the powerful, ruthless elites that rule over America in the shadows.
  • Does Not belong to an angry, mindless mob that—psychologically conditioned to run amok like zombies at the Beck and Call of the powerful, ruthless forces that dare to crush our Country and its people— is delusional, unaware of being useful idiots, mere puppets on a string, responding through emotion, not from reason, when “triggered” to do so through manipulation of language.

The “common man” who cherishes his country is in imminent danger of losing the whole of it to those in league with the shadowy forces intent on dismantling it, utilizing the lucrative parts of it for their own nefarious purposes.

The True Owners of America, the Citizenry that loves and cherishes the Country—the American Patriot—must contend with this. That person must never allow him or herself to rest easy. America’s Patriots must never take the good fortune of their American citizenship for granted.

Before our Country, the Free Republic, existed, a Tyranny ruled an inchoate America. America’s First Patriots took up arms against George III’s tyranny and the Central Bank of England and successfully defeated them.

Even then, before the creation of a Free Constitutional Republic, some “Americans” actively fought against America’s First Patriots or otherwise did nothing to assist them in their just cause, fighting for liberty and freedom against tyranny.

At the time, these other false Americans were variously referred to as “Tories,” “Royalists,” Or “Loyalists.” For these people, the concepts of freedom and liberty were never in their hearts. They were never Americans, and America never belonged to them. Many of them left for Canada or England at the conclusion of the American Revolution.

Almost two hundred and fifty years later, another group of people seek to destroy America, and this time, from within. This group is aptly referred to today as “The Radical Left,” enabled and funded by their Deep State masters.

These dangerous, fervidly passionate fanatics of Collectivism, all of whom flock to the banner of Anti-American causes and goals, use the English language to confound and mislead uninformed citizens who do not keep abreast of the news and who have little understanding of and little appreciation for our Nation’s rich history and heritage.

Uninformed Americans have degenerated into naïve pawns. They have been seduced by incessant, noxious messaging to accede to socio-political positions that operate against their best interests, against the best interests of their Countrymen, and against the best interests of the Nation.

It is amazing how the Radical Left—that populates, in significant numbers, our public, quasi-public, and private institutions—contort and distort the English Language to assist them in accomplishing their terrible objectives.

Yet, the appalling end goal this obstreperous dangerous group has in mind flies past the radar of otherwise rational, intelligent, and astute Americans, despite the evidence smacking them in the face from direct observation and modest reflection on the nature of what they observe.

The Radical Left’s penultimate goal is the elimination of the United States as a Free Constitutional Republic and, in so doing, subverting the sovereignty of the citizenry over the Government.

To attain this goal, the Radical Left designs and implements an array of strategies designed to undermine and eventually eradicate the social, political, economic, philosophical, and moral-ethical underpinnings of a Free Republic as envisioned and crafted by the Nation’s Founders.

Creating a new nation—one where the people themselves, “The Common Man,” would reign supreme over government—was a novel concept for the time and remains unique today. Yet it is an idea antithetical and abhorrent to the powerful elite of all Western nations or empires, the Neoliberal Globalists and Internationalist Marxists.

After the loss of the American colonies in the American Revolution, the puppet masters—not accustomed to defeat, especially at the hands of a seemingly ragtag, although determined and sizable armed force, America’s First Patriots (those who refused to bow to Tyranny)—went earnestly back to their drawing boards and devised a new plan to destroy a nascent Country whom they correctly surmised would one day rise to greatness. They sought to prevent that from happening.

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The new plan would take time to produce the desired results—decades, even centuries—but the puppet masters, and those who would come after, were in no hurry. Even as the United States prospered and grew in power both economically and militarily, these cold, callous, calculating beings had sown the seeds of strife in America, that would, in time, bear poisonous fruit.

The Globalist elite empire builders, through their underlings, have quietly commandeered all of the Country’s major institutions, including the Federal Government itself.

They would create a schism among Americans. They would promulgate and propagate alien dogmas designed to promote squabbling and enmity among Americans.

What had begun as a slow but inexorable process in the late Eighteenth Century had slowly gained speed, becoming an unstoppable juggernaut by the early decades of the Twenty-First Century. That came to a screeching halt for a time, during Donald Trump’s Presidency.

But, with the corrupt, demented, dementia-riddled, emotionally and physically fragile puppet, Joe Biden, ushered into the Executive Suite of the White House through the illegal manipulation and corruption of the electoral process, the puppet masters were back on track. They worked feverishly, at lightning speed, to undo all the work that Trump had accomplished taking our Country back to its roots.

America has reached a crisis point with the 2024 U.S. Presidential Election looming.

Which Way Will The Country Turn?

Will it turn back to its roots, strengthening and preserving the Republic, or will it fall to the aims of the radical left, resulting in the dissolution of the Republic and the subjugation of the American Citizenry?

Hopefully, the integrity of our Nation’s electoral system in 2024 will remain intact. If so, it is difficult to believe that a majority of the electorate would opt to vote for Biden to serve a second term, given the horrible mess that he and his Administration have wrought both by design and gross incompetence during this first term.

And if Trump does get back into Office in 2024—to complete a second term that had wrongfully been denied him in 2020—he and we have our work cut out for us to get the Country back on track.

Trump will be better able now to avoid the snares set for him, and we, for our part, would do well to keep our firearms close at hand and our powder dry. There will be a backlash. You can count on that, courtesy of the puppet masters and their minions.

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