WATCH: Climbers Rescued From Cliff in Italy

If you’ve ever wondered what it’d be like to get stuck on a cliff face while rock climbing, or what it’d be like to dangle from a helicopter over the ocean while saving someone else who got stuck on a cliff face while rock climbing, we have a YouTube video for you.

On Tuesday, a couple of climbers needed help while scaling Capo Noli, a seaside cliff in Liguria, Italy. While we don’t know exactly why they needed help, we do know exactly how crews rescued them, thanks to body camera footage.

In a video posted to YouTube by ABC 7 Chicago, you can watch as a crew from Italy’s national fire and rescue service flies in to help the two individuals stranded mid-Capo Noli as the waves lash against the rocks below.

As the crewman with the body camera exits the helicopter in a harness, you can see his legs dangling and the ocean crashing beneath him. As he approaches the cliff face, he speaks to the climbers in Italian, then helps a second crew member grab onto the cliff and clip the first climber to him. Then, the body-cam guy clips the second climber to his harness and pushes off from the cliff.

You can then watch them hang precariously for a few seconds while the helicopter pulls in the line.

Watch it unfold here:

We think these rescue crew members should get a raise. Can you imagine having this job?
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