Watch A Wildlife Rescuer Save a Barn Owl Trapped Inside a Casino

If you’re looking to spend more time with wildlife in 2024, here’s a cool job to check out: A wildlife rescue volunteer who focuses on saving owls. In a recent video shared on social media, Valerie Motyka documented saving a barn owl that ended up trapped inside a casino.

Take a look at the video:

In the post, Motyka films herself walking around a casino that’s currently under construction. She begins searching for the owl and finally spots it. She waits patiently until the video cuts to a photo of her holding the animal. The video doesn’t actually show the bird’s capture, but Motyka is working solo, so it’s fair to assume she could not film that part.

Motyka is the owner of the Arizona Wildlife Resource. The organization helps rescue birds, especially owls and get them to places for rehabilitation. They also work to build shelter and habitats for these animals in the wild. 

The organization’s website also provides resources and information for anyone who may find a lost bird. 

“If you have an animal, the best thing you can do is keep it warm, dark, dry, and quiet and drive it to the appropriate rehab,” says the Arizona Wildlife Resource’s website. “Rehabilitation facilities are run by volunteers. Nobody makes any money, it’s never convenient, and everyone does it because they care.” 

In other clips on her Instagram page, Motyka offers advice on steps people can take to care for wildlife habitats. Tips for homeowners include avoiding pruning trees in the hot summer. This is especially relevant in Arizona, where vegetation is used as cover from the sun and heat.

The organization wants social media viewers to know that they are professionals, and in some cases, you should call a specialist if an animal needs a rescue.
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