Watch a Pack of Wolves Visit Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park 

Old Faithful is one of Yellowstone National Park’s most popular destinations. The popular geyser is a household name in the outdoors. While millions flock to the park each year, there’s still plenty of wildlife within Yellowstone. That includes multiple packs of wolves. One pack recently stopped by to visit Old Faithful.

Watch the video:

This video comes from a live-stream webcam that’s set up near Old Faithful and Upper Geyser Basin. In the summer months, visitors pack these boardwalks, but during the winter months, it can be quiet enough for a pack of wolves to explore the area. The video shows at least six wolves making their way across geyser hill.

Yellowstone Forever, the park’s official non-profit partner, shared the video. They say the pack seen in the video is the Wapiti. 

Yellowstone National Park says there are about 108 wolves in the park. Park rangers and other officials have noted about ten separate packs. Each pack is essentially a family.

Yellowstone was the site of one of the first big pushes to bring gray wolves back into the lower 48 states after humans hunted and drove their numbers to near extinction. The number of wolves in the park has hovered around 100 since 2009.

Learn More About Wolves in Yellowstone

A wolf returning to its den with a bone. (Source: NPS)

Watch the entire ten-minute-long video from Yellowstone Forever here.

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