Washington Sheriff Reminds Public Not to Hunt Sasquatch

Sasquatch sightings are nothing new. Hundreds of people over the years claimed to have seen bigfoot in their area and some will even go so far as to perpetuate the myth by putting on a costume and roaming wilderness areas to create an obscure sighting. 

But recently, a hunter planning a trip to Meadow Lake in northeast Washington requested information from the local sheriff about what he could do if he encountered a sasquatch during his hunting and fishing trip. 

This unnamed visitor asked: “Is it illegal in Stevens County to shoot sasquatch?” and “Is a regular hunting license enough to keep his sasquatch hunt legal?”

In the message, this ethical hunter added that he would not “hunt or shoot female sasquatch” and that he needed to hear back sooner rather than later. 

In response, the Stevens County Sheriff’s Office decided it was best to make a public announcement, reminding the public about the reasons why you can’t hunt sasquatch. 

First off, the Meadow Lake National Forest area is in a different county, and second, “There are no sasquatch in Stevens County.” 

The sheriff added that they know that for a fact because “one of our deputies would have accidentally hit one with a patrol car by now!”

Of course, the Stevens Sheriff’s Office’s hammy response is meant to entertain, in all seriousness, some areas of Washington state, which leads the nation in bigfoot sightings with 710, actually have laws on the books protecting sasquatch if he or she is in fact real. 

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