WarBird Protection Announces New Concealable Soft Body Armor Line

WarBird Protection Announces New Concealable Soft Body Armor Line
WarBird Protection Announces New Concealable Soft Body Armor Line

WarBird Protection Group announces the launch of its initial protection products lineup—lightweight, concealable soft body armor systems. Developed specifically for maximized protection and a high level of comfort, the NIJ Certified armor will be an ideal option for protection-minded, law-abiding citizens.

WarBird’s new lineup includes three tiers of soft armor panels designed to match an individual’s needs and budget—all shipping the next business day after ordering. NIJ Certified for either Level II or Level IIIA threat levels, WarBird custom fits the armor to the customer via its direct-to-consumer website, warbirdpro.com, utilizing its proprietary CORE Pattern System for precise sizing.

The initial soft armor offering includes NIJ Certified Level II and Level IIIA inserts, tiered into three distinct families: Hoss, Meridian and SkyFlex. Each armor tier offers the same level of premium protection and are separated primarily through material weight, thinness and cost. In addition, WarBird is offering soft armor bundles that include custom-sized armor with the lightweight, concealable Ghost Hawk carrier.

Completing the armor introduction is a Level IIIA ICW Trauma Plate—the Side Kick, and WarBird’s Ghost Hawk carrier, available in black, white, or blue to enhance concealability.

  • Hoss: This highly cost-effective soft armor option exceeds NIJ Level IIIA protection with a thinness of 0.35″ and weight of 1.55 lbs psf (per square foot). Priced at $449 for armor only or $549 bundled with the Ghost Hawk Carrier, Hoss provides solid protection—regardless of budget.
  • Meridian: An ideal blend of protection, comfort, and value, Meridian soft body armor is crafted with cutting-edge materials and rigorous testing. Available in both NIJ Level II and Level IIIA models, Meridian boasts a slim profile (just 0.19″ for Level II and 0.25″ for Level IIIA) and featherweight construction (0.85lbs and 1.18lbs psf respectively), allowing free movement and confidence in any situation. Priced at $699 and $799 for Level II and IIIA respectively, the same Meridian armor is offered bundled with the Ghost Hawk Carrier for $799 and $899.
  • SkyFlex: WarBird’s revolutionary soft body armor redefines protection, offering unmatched concealability without compromising ballistic excellence. SkyFlex is so light and discreet it feels like a second skin. SkyFlex NIJ Level II panels are 0.19” thin, but weigh in at just 0.69 lbs psf. Additional threat level protection with SkyFlex Level IIIA comes with just 0.21” of thinness and a weight of only 0.86 lbs. psf. Priced $999 and $1,099, respectively, for Level II and Level IIIA armor, SkyFlex is also available paired with the Ghost Hawk Carrier for $1,099 and $1,199.
  • Side Kick: WarBird’s Side Kick Level IIIA ICW Trauma plate provides energy absorption to soften the blow as well as serving as an extra layer of protection when added to the armor and carrier. It is available for $49 on the website.
  • Ghost Hawk: Engineered minimalism delivers uncompromising concealment without sacrificing comfort or protection. Moisture-wicking and anti-microbial comfort liner provides for evaporative cooling. Ghost Hawk is sleek, stylish, comfortable, and practical, available in black, white, or blue, and retails for $119 at warbirdpro.com.

About WarBird Protection Group, Inc.

At WarBird, our mission is to seamlessly bridge the legacy of military and law enforcement expertise with the dynamic ingenuity of the civilian world. We are dedicated to crafting stylish, high performance protective gear made exclusively for you: the private, law-abiding citizen. Our commitment is to empower individuals with equipment that preserves and enhances their world—driven by a passion for innovation, unwavering quality, and with a deep respect for your safety and style.WarBird logoWarBird logo

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