Want to Know How to Buy a Kei Truck?

Kei trucks are a growing fad in the United States. At first glance, these Japanese mini trucks appear to be just a novelty, but fans praise them for their affordability and reliability as work and outdoor vehicles. 

However, getting a Kei truck isn’t exactly easy. Although they only cost a few thousand bucks, you have to import them from Japan, pay all of the fees and shipping costs, and fill out the associated paperwork, which all sounds easier said than done.

Outdoor YouTuber Tim Sessions detailed his experience buying a Kei truck in a new video. He explained that he started the process by looking at one of the many websites designed to help you buy and import the vehicle. 

“They make it look like all you have to do is pay them and they put the truck on the boat and send you the paperwork and you’re good to go, but that wasn’t the case and I quickly realized there was more that I needed to make sure this got to my driveway,” Sessions said. 

In the video, Sessions explained how he navigated the complex bureaucracy of the U.S. Customs system, the people he hired to help him, and of course, and how much it all cost to obtain a 1994 Suzuki Kei truck with 32,000 miles and a manual transmission. 

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