Trump Speaks at the NRB 2024 Convention

Two weeks ago, I attended the NRB Convention in Nashville. On Thursday night I had an invitation to attend an event in which President Trump was going to give a talk. After attending, I was confused. To read the news written by the mainstream media, you’d think that President Donald Trump was the devil himself. And yet, if you go to one of his events, you feel like you’ve been to a pep rally. You leave having hope for America. You leave feeling proud of America.

I can’t remember now, but I think it started off with everyone singing the Star-Spangled Banner. If you don’t leave one of his events fired up and feeling like a patriot, then I guess you and me don’t have much in common.

President Trump has a game plan for attacking issues that are near and dear to our hearts as Patriots. Let’s compare what each side is focusing on and see if their priorities line up with what is important and what you think the president should be focusing on.

Since Biden entered office he has supported these catastrophes:

  • Biden has totally opened up the doors on the border and does all that he can to encourage illegal entry. I personally talked to a rancher who had a group of young Iranian men break into his cabin. INS confirmed to him that groups of ten to fifteen individuals aged from 25 to 35-year-old Iranian men were crossing. In November alone, they apprehended 47 people on the terrorist list. Do you think all of the “Gottaways” are crossing to become Preschool teachers?
  • Promoting transgender operations and hiding it from the parents.
  • Promotes Drag Queen book readings to young children.
  • Developing a “Woke” military. The military’s job is to find the bad guys and kill them. Period.
  • Promotes filling government jobs with bizarre sexual deviates instead of hiring qualified employees for a position. (i.e. Karine Jean-Pierre, Rachel Levine, Pete Buttigieg etc. etc.). Consequently, he has the most dysfunctional, unqualified government staff in the history of America.
  • Stymying oil Production in America, and we are now dependent on terrorist-sponsoring countries for our oil.
  • Inflation is through the roof.
  • Housing prices are astronomical. I’d hate to be a young couple trying to get started.
  • Sold out and abandoned our amigos in Afghanistan and turned over billions of dollars in weapons to the terrorists. Some of those rifles were used on 10/7.
  • Everything he focuses on is a non-issue, and what he does touch, he screws up.

President Trump came out swinging at the NRB event. He has a game plan for:

  • The border crisis.
  • Plan to deal with terrorists and enemies of America.
  • Plan to fix Inflation
  • Plan to eliminate the exorbitant gas prices.
  • Vowed to back our 2nd amendment and religious freedoms. Period.

The above items are the issues that are near and dear to Americans.

At first, I was skeptical when he said China wouldn’t be threatening Taiwan, and the October 7th attack on Israel wouldn’t have happened, etc. After hearing his reasoning, though, it made sense. He said when he was in office Iran was nearly broke. He said we have a ton of oil under us, and yet Biden shut down the Keystone pipeline, which enriched Iran due to their oil supplies and our dependency now on them. Plus, he unfroze billions of dollars, which enriched them so they could sponsor the October 7th attack and the Houthis, etc.

Trump said he threatened China that not one more Chinese product would be allowed in America if they funded Iran. And they didn’t.

After hearing him talk, you had confidence in his prioritizing of what America needed and how to get there, unlike you have with anything Biden-related. I think the underlying Biden problem is that he has (as facts coming out daily are showing more) sold out and is bought out by China, Ukraine, and who knows what other country has rendered him totally ineffective. I feel like anything said by anyone in the current administration, from President Biden on down, is all lies and deception.


We know that the mainstream media is now nothing more than the propaganda branch of the Democratic party. Here’s an example. After attending the Trump event Thursday night, I woke up Friday morning and opened an old AOL account. One of their liberal hack writers (Which is true of 99.9% of the AOL writers) wrote an article covering President Trump’s speech.

He focused the whole article on something I didn’t even hear him say. If he said it, it must have been a one sentence side comment. The writer was whacking out that he was promoting IVF Embryo freedoms. If you read this article, you’d think that was the entirety of his speech. I was present and glued to his every word and didn’t even hear the one sentence about it.

So immediately, I commented on the article and stated that I was there, and questioned whether the writer had even been at the same event. That was the most bizarre reporting that I’d ever seen. I looked later to check comments and couldn’t find the article. It’d disappeared, so I assume they pulled it after refuting their story. Bizarre.

You realize that the life of our country is at stake. We need to get involved.

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