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Transform your garden with simple DIY tips and easy grow plants

Transform your garden – easy garden design tips and budget ideas

Transform your garden with these easy DIY tips and creative ideas. From a bare yard to a flower-filled space – all on a budget!

Variegated evergreen yucca in a potVariegated evergreen yucca in a pot10 easy care evergreen pots for year round impact

Easy-care evergreen pots to add interest and structure to your garden all year round. 10+ plant choices for evergreen trees, shrubs and grasses for pots.

Henriette dahlia over-winters well.Henriette dahlia over-winters well.Don’t dig up dahlias for winter! What to do instead….

I don’t dig up dahlias to store them at the end of the summer. And before you dig your dahlias up, it’s important to know the pros and cons. You…

Prune lavender well and it'll last longerPrune lavender well and it'll last longerThe absolutely best way to prune English lavender beautifully

Find out how to prune English lavender to make it look better and last longer. Photos of my lavender from 2013-2023 are proof that it works!

How to plant a border - tips from professionals #garden #gardeningHow to plant a border - tips from professionals #garden #gardeningHow to plant a border like a pro

How to plant a border brilliantly – design tips and practical advice. How to position shrubs and flowers in the best places, plus other tips.

How to choose the right tree for privacyHow to choose the right tree for privacyThe 8 best perfect-for-privacy garden trees

The best tips when choosing perfect-for-privacy garden trees. Which trees to choose, where to plant them and how to make your garden private.

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