Three-Legged Deer Makes Cameo on Maine Trail Cam

A three-legged deer made a welcome cameo on a trail cam in Maine, easing the land owners’ fears that she may not have made it through the winter. According to Paula Parent, who posted the video to the Facebook group MAINE Wildlife, the deer passes through her land a few times a year.

In another post from early 2023 about the same deer, a young doe, Parent wrote:

“No one knows what happened to her when she was a fawn, but it must have been quite traumatic. Every time I see her, I’m amazed that she is still alive, but her mom is still usually nearby to help protect her.”

When Parent hadn’t seen the three-legged doe in quite awhile, she said she thought the deer had died. Thankfully, while looking through trail cam footage from January, Parent found her booping the camera.

Parent wrote: “She looks like she is doing well.”

Watch as this three-legged deer inspects the trail cam, hops around, and seems to be living life as normally as possible:

A deer with three legs seems like easy pickings, but this one has managed to avoid predators so far in its young life. It’s also amazing that the deer survived losing its leg in the first place.

This deer has grit, determination, and no small amount of luck. We’re rooting for her!

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