This Peacock Spider’s Courtship Dance Amazes Everyone Except His Lady Friend

A recent video shared by Australian photographer Flynn Prall shows a peacock spider doing his best to woo a potential mate. 

In the video, he throws up his arms in a brilliant display of athleticism, gyrates his wonderfully colorful body, and shuffles back and forth like a pop singer during a coordinated set.

“This just made my morning,” said one commenter.

Another said: “Stuuuunnnnnniiiiinnnggg!!!!!”

And yet another said: “Girls, if you have a boyfriend who isn’t willing to put in this much effort to get you to pay attention, think about this little cutie. He’s a damn SPIDER!”

With thousands of views, likes, and comments, the ritualized performance impresses everyone watching — except for his potential mate. She’s just not having it. 

While wildlife photographers are a special breed, Prall feels like a special case because, according to his Instagram page, his area of expertise is the peacock spider. 

What makes peacock spiders so unique — besides their courtship dances and brilliant colors — is that they’re teenie tiny — smaller than a matchhead — so he needs specialized camera equipment.  

In an interview with Youtuber Jamie Hall, Prall explained that he also has a small window of time to photograph peacock spiders — which are male Maratus spiders — as most breeds are only in color for certain parts of the year. 

While Prall said he loves filming peacock spiders, he said: “It’s really awesome to see people around the world losing their minds to these crazy little jumping spiders.”


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