There is No Freedom & Liberty Where a Country’s Citizenry is Disarmed


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It is not by accident that the expressions, ‘Freedom’ and ‘Liberty are coming under fire.

After all, Government, whether modeled as an outright dictatorship or as a benign, seemingly benevolent democratic construct, is a constant threat to the sanctity and inviolability of the human Soul. The Founders of our Federal Government knew this, and their meticulous construction of a Government that would function within a free Constitutional Republic, with all the safeguards employed in the Articles of the U.S. Constitution, though absolutely necessary to prevent tyranny, would not of itself be sufficient to guard against tyranny.

Where there is Government, even Representative Government, such as ours, their tyranny always lingers in the shadows. The Nation’s Bill of Rights alone prevents the incursion of tyranny. The Antifederalists demanded an express delineation of fundamental, immutable, unlimited God-given Rights beyond the power of Government to modify, abrogate, deny, or ignore.

These fundamental, natural rights would serve alone as a shield, the ultimate safeguard against inevitable Government encroachment on freedom and liberty, for the founders knew full well that even a Government such as ours, with limited, carefully demarcated powers, would eventually subvert the will of the people. We are seeing that occurring now and with rapidity.

Evidence of encroaching tyranny on our people is everywhere, and it is glaring.

Information disseminated is deceptive. Dissent is heavily controlled or censored. Privacy is nonexistent. Petitions are denied out-of-hand. Average American citizens face unlawful detention. They have been systematically brutalized and ostracized for their political, social, and even religious beliefs. The government has infiltrated American associations and harassed its members, even attempting to seduce them into committing crimes so that the Government can shut them down.

The government no longer even bothers to hide wide-range violations and abuses of fundamental rights and liberties. But a final lockdown on freedom and liberty eludes them. Government cannot so easily confiscate physical objects without escaping the notice of their deed. A citizen’s firearms cannot so easily be taken from him. But it will try; is trying all the time to do just that—at the moment, through incremental efforts.

And this Government, our Government, is tiring of utilizing half-measures. The Government wants to seize the massive stockpile of citizenry’s firearms. This is no secret. The toadies have made the aim clear.

The question is——

Can the U.S. Government really succeed in disarming the American populace?

The Governments of the two Commonwealth Nations, New Zealand and Australia have not had any trouble doing this. They have been able to disarm their populations without issue. But can the Federal Government here in the United States accomplish such a vast undertaking? This is not likely. And it is unlikely for this reason:

Consider: the two Commonwealth Countries, along with every other Country on Earth, apart from our own, do not recognize the God-given right of the people to keep and bear arms as a potent check on tyranny. The United States is the one holdout Nation.

At some point, the would-be Destroyers of our Country will try to disarm Americans, as they must if the Rothschild/Soros “Open Society” agenda is to succeed. Once push comes to shove, Americans are going to have to take a stand—all Americans and we are rapidly moving to that fateful point.

“Freedom” and “Liberty” are not mere abstractions, even as tyrannical Western governments, including the Government of the European Union in Brussels, and those of the Commonwealth Nations, and, sadly, the present Government here at home in the U.S., now claim they are but that and nothing more. See the article on the Canadian CBC Radio website:

“Freedom is a malleable term — one that’s open to interpretation.”

Perhaps it would seem so to tyrants that would have little if any use for it. But, had the Founders of our Republic thought “Freedom” and its sacred kin, “Liberty,” so malleable as to be nothing more than phantasms, mere will-o’-the-wisps, they would hardly have risked their lives and well-being to attain them.

Nor can “Freedom” and “Liberty” be perceived as so insubstantial that a towering edifice—the United States, a free Constitutional Republic, the envy of the world—would have existed and persisted for well over two hundred years. As John Adams, a Founding Father and Second President of the United States, said;

“But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty once lost is lost forever.”

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