‘The White Line’ Trail in Sedona, Arizona Is Terrifying

The White Line trail in Sedona, Arizona is a nightmare for most of us. For the select few (i.e., mountain bikers), it’s a dare. The trail itself is pretty straightforward; it’s that death drop and hairpin turn at the end that scare even most mountain bikers away.

The White Line is literally a horizontal white line—a layer of light-colored rock amid the red sandstone—up on the side of a steep cliff face. Riders go about a quarter-mile along the white line before doing the most dangerous maneuver of the trek: a steep drop and immediate turn that’ll put you on a lower path back to the start.

Make sure your brakes are working before you try that turn . . . yikes.

Mountain biker and YouTuber Heather Munive recently posted a video she and some friends filmed during the Sedona Mountain Bike Festival, which took place earlier this month. In the video, the friends ride some trails, including the infamous White Line.

Start watching at 9 minutes 13 seconds for the portion of the video detailing this extreme trail. (Just watching them scope it out on foot made me feel woozy.)

Though two of the three friends decided to save this challenge for another day, one safely completed the trail.

Here’s another look at the White Line from Vital MTB:

What do you think? Death wish or a fun time? It’s a nope for me.

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