The War On “High Capacity Magazines” Is Over! They Lost by 717 Million!


The latest figures are in, and they spell it out clearly: the so-called high-capacity magazines are a favorite among Americans.

We’re not just using them; they’re a regular part of our lives. With over 717 million ‘high-capacity‘,,, their word, not mine, ammo magazines out there, it’s obvious—the debate over magazine size is over, and we’ve won!

Here’s the breakdown from the trusted folks at the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF).

Of nearly 964 million ammo magazines from 1990 to 2021, about 717 million can hold more than ten rounds. That’s not just a majority—it is a massive tidal wave, and it shows what Americans prefer loud and clear!

Why do so many Patriotic Americans choose these standard and larger magazines? They work well for all kinds of uses, from defending homes to target shooting, hunting, and, yes, putting rogue governments in their subordinate place. These common magazines are essential for the modern guns we use today, helping them work just the way they should.

To those on the deep state left who keep pushing for stricter limits: You’re out of step with reality. Your feeble efforts to limit magazine capacity have failed—just like trying to use a screen door on a submarine—it just doesn’t work. And now, based on the numbers will never work. Time to admit defeat! You were wrong all along and have lost in a crushing defeat.

Our founding fathers made it clear. our right to bear arms shouldn’t be messed with. One aspect of that right is now clearly supported by hard facts/numbers. Nearly three out of four magazines can hold more than ten rounds, proving that these tools are as American as apple pie.

So, let the anti-gun groups and politicians [Republican & Democrat] who want more ‘gun clip’ restrictions take a step back. The people have already made their choice clear at the store and in the fields. While the Fake News media loves to call them “high-capacity” magazines, these normal-size magazines aren’t just a fad; they’re a core part of our guns and gun rights.

To everyone who values our freedoms: stand proud. The numbers don’t lie. ‘High’, err, I mean Standard-Capacity magazines are here to stay, a symbol of our strength and commitment to our rights. Let’s keep celebrating our freedom, one full magazine dump at a time!

Detachable Magazine Report 1990 – 2021

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