The NPS Wants Your Feedback On a New Road Into Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park wants to add a new permanent route into the park from the north. The project comes after a flood in 2022 damaged part of the northern portion of the park. The park is now considering constructing a road to allow more access while keeping conservation in mind. 

To kick things off, they want to hear from the public about the project. The park will hold virtual meetings next week and have a 30-day public comment period.

Here are those two meetings: 

Park officials say the flood on June 13, 2022 was a “500-year event.” Meaning there is less than a .2% chance of something that powerful happening. Afterward, park guests were evacuated, and the park was closed for repairs. Since then, crews have put a temporary road in place between Gardiner, Montana, and Cooke City/Silver Gate, Montana.

A damaged roadway in Yellowstone after the 2022 flood. (Source: NPS)

The new roadway aims to be a permanent way in and out of the park. Park leadership also wants the road to open year-round so that more visitors can access Yellowstone in the winter months.

Starting February 12, the public can share feedback about the proposed road on Yellowstone’s website. The National Park Service will consider the feedback for the first draft of the new road. The draft is due in the Fall of 2024. Officials are expected to finalize the plans in early 2025.
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