Terrorist Shot & Killed By Armed Citizens, If Your Time Comes Do the Same


Exportable Terror:

This week, one innocent Israeli citizen was murdered (via gunfire), and eight others were wounded (also via gunfire) as they sat in stationary vehicles during a protracted traffic jam near the A-Za’ayem checkpoint that separates the West Bank from Jerusalem.

Not surprisingly, this incident received scant notice in the Western Press!

Exasperating traffic jams at this particular Israeli traffic checkpoint (and others) are routine and represent a real hazard to stalled motorists, as we see.

This particular planned, murderous attack was carried out by three (since positively identified) Islamic terrorists, who converged at the scene in two vehicles. Terrorists were armed with at least one American M4 (likely a copy left behind, along with untold additional brand-new American military equipment, when resident Joe R Biden haphazardly pulled American troops out of Afghanistan in August of 2021)

This deadly attack upon innocent motorists would surely have been much worse had it not been for quick, decisive intervention on the part of armed and trained civilians.

A young Israeli Army Reservist, on leave from fighting in Gaza and armed with a concealed pistol (brand unknown), was in the middle of this traffic jam when the attack started. He was in a car with his parents.

Sizing up the situation and acting unilaterally, this soldier immediately drew his pistol, exited his vehicle, and straightaway gunned down one of the terrorists. This courageous soldier was subsequently wounded via terrorist gunfire, but his injuries were not life-threatening.

A second terrorist was similarly shot and killed by at least one other armed-and-ready Israeli citizen, who was tied up in the same traffic jam when the incident started.

The third terrorist was chased down and wounded by arriving police. He died a short time later after being evacuated.

Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir (my hero!), who arrived at the scene a short time later, used these circumstances to promote his policy of arming (and training) Israeli civilians, so they can likewise unilaterally protect themselves during these kinds of precipitous terror attacks.

Said he, “I think today, everyone understands that guns save lives.”

You can see why Ben Gvir is my hero!


  • 1) Traffic jams, especially predictable ones, are easy, lucrative targets for terrorists, as we see! Not all traffic jams are avoidable, but most are.

The above scenario is readily exportable to Europe, the UK, USA.

We’ll surely see more examples!

  • 2) When in a vehicle, stay in motion. Your vehicle provides some protection from gunfire so long as you stay inside it and keep moving. Sitting for protracted periods in a vehicle that isn’t moving is extremely dangerous!
  • 3) On the same theme, keep your vehicle in good repair and its gas tank full!
  • 4) As Gvir reiterates, routinely carrying a concealed pistol (maybe nearby a rifle/shotgun, too) that you’ve been trained to keep, bear, and use safely and effectively is a life-saver and may well be your own life!

The sage, go armed!

  • 5) Personal safety is 95% prevention/avoidance. Not in dispute!

Yet, that last five percent represents situations where the threat is real, deadly, and imminent, and you have no choice but to defend yourself with gunfire.

When you do, don’t dither, and don’t apologize. When your continued existence depends upon the immediate and precise application of lethal force, hesitant, half-hearted efforts will likely be ineffective in preserving your life.

You won’t get a “second chance” to correct your lack of indecisiveness!

Confront squarely this stark reality and prepare appropriately, or resign yourself to a short and fearful life.

“When faced with a choice between violence and cowardice, always choose violence.” ~ Ghandi.


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