Surprise! Cougar Startles Family in Washington Backyard

The Havener family was enjoying an afternoon in their backyard, when nature came calling. A cougar chased a small animal through the Monroe, Washington backyard, pausing briefly as it came within a few feet of the mother and daughter and their puppy. The mountain lion looked just as startled to see the humans as the humans were to see the lion. Then, thankfully, the animal moved on.

In a video captured by the family’s security cameras, the cougar sprints across the lawn. It appears to be chasing a house cat when it comes onto the porch and comes to a sudden stop. Beneath a shade umbrella, the mother, daughter, and puppy are sitting in chairs. The mountain lion looks at them, long enough for the house cat to make a great escape, then the cougar follows it off screen.

Possibly the most harrowing moment for those watching who understand mountain lion behavior is when the young girl takes off running toward the house. Thankfully, in that split second, the mountain lion decided to turn and follow the cat instead of chasing the young girl.

Watch a cougar run through a Washington backyard here:

In an interview with ABC News, Greg Havener says when he saw the mountain lion in the yard, he had just enough time to realize what it was and register that it didn’t have anything in its mouth as it fled.

Experts advise that if you comes in contact with a mountain lion that you do not run from it. Instead, make yourself appear large and intimidating. Make loud noises and use your arms to make your body look bigger.

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