Squirrel Steals Candy Bar From Mailbox

A thoughtful neighbor left a treat out for the mail carrier, but a devious neighbor stole it right in front of the Ring doorbell cam. It seems that sometimes you just need a Kit Kat . . . even if you’re a squirrel. (That’s right, a squirrel stole a candy bar from someone’s mailbox.)

It’s possible this squirrel knew to find food there, since the homeowner reportedly leaves Kit Kat candy bars for the mail carrier every day.

According to Newsweek, the homeowner said: “It seems a local porch pirate [. . .] crawled up the stucco siding, proceeded to pull the Kit Kat out of the mailbox, and took off running.”

Watch a squirrel steal a candy bar here:

While there’s nothing funny about porch pirating, this particular theft is pretty silly. Can you imagine seeing this squirrel run down the street with its prized Kit Kat?

Hopefully the homeowner found a more squirrel-proof way to treat the mail carrier after this event. Candy bars are definitely not an approved part of a squirrel’s diet.

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Have you seen a cuter (or stealthier) porch pirate?

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