Special Gun Rights Given to Police But Not to You

More than 30 percent of American gun owners say they have used a gun in self-defense.

Recently, a vote in the House of Representatives granted police officers nationwide concealed carry privileges. The vote resulted in 221 to 185 for the new government-issued privilege. The bill is called H.R. 354 Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act “LOESA Reform Act of 2024.”

This new government-issued gun privilege rewarded to active and retired law-enforcement officers grants them the freedom to carry a firearm in places like school zones, national parks, and state, local, or private properties open to the public. It also includes certain federal facilities that are accessible to the public. The bill also widely expands the ability for certain law-enforcement officers to cross state lines with concealed carry firearms and reduces the frequency of which retired law enforcement would need to re-qualify in order to meet certain standards.

Aren’t they lucky?

I use the word privilege and I hope you can recognize my sarcasm because I don’t remember the Second Amendment reading, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed, as long as those people are current or former police officers.”

Is this a move in the right direction or is this a slap in the face to gun owners across the country? Was this bill introduced under the assumption that police officers, active or retired, are better trained than the average gun owner? Because that is certainly debatable.

Many would argue that this bill was created, introduced, and sponsored because crime has gotten out of control throughout America and due to left-wing disrespect and defunding of police, politicians are finding themselves in a precarious situation of their own making. In what might appear to be an attempt at controlling some of the violence created by irresponsible left-wing policies, the bureaucrats behind HR 354 have neglected the rights of all, to allow privileges to some.

But that’s not all. It would appear that the bill also acts in part to address the obvious and deadly results of the 1990 Gun Free School Zones Act without actually changing the irresponsible law.

Joe Biden introduced the 1990 Gun Free School Zones Act as part of the Crime Control Act, and since it was signed into law, school killings have doubled and increased at twice the rate of increase every 10 years.

Number of School Shootings Increased Every Decade

H.R. 354 would now allow active and retired police officers to carry on school campus. This does not change the law and therefore still prohibits civilian concealed carriers from doing the same.

So, what is this really about? Somebody got smart and recognized that Joe Biden’s deadly Gun Free School Zones Act is getting children killed, however, the Gun Free School Zones Act still allows unconstitutional authority over the 2nd Amendment and remains in place to benefit politicians. So even though you may have more training than a retired police officer, and you may have more will to protect children in schools, (than someone like Scott Peterson, an armed school resource officer at Parkland, who did nothing to save lives) you are still restricted from possessing a firearm on school campuses.

The irony of this bill is not so much the fact that certain privileges are given to certain people but more the idea that the government has taken a right, turned it into a privilege, and has found a way to make us argue over who deserves that privilege.

All gun laws are unconstitutional, and all should be abolished. This particular one sets a dangerous tone and pits law enforcement gun owners against private citizen gun owners in a way that supports acceptance of unconstitutional gun laws.

Ask yourself if current and retired law-enforcement officers will have a problem with this bill. The answer is probably no, which emboldens Legislators with the power of taking away rights and giving them back in bits and pieces as government issued privileges.

Now, ask yourself how private gun owners would react if those same bureaucrats decided to extend this new government-issued privilege to them. Would they denounce it in its entirety, push to remove the 1990 Gun Free School Zones Act altogether, and end all gun free zones, or would it be accepted and considered a win? Should gun owners accept this special treatment bill or demand Constitutional Carry for all?

Stealing rights from American citizens through unconstitutional gun laws and then rewarding some with the privilege of avoiding those laws in exchange for their support, is like starving your dog and then giving him a treat for rolling over.

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