Shoulder Season is Coming: Now is the Time to Plan for Summer Outdoor Adventures

We’re a little over a month until the official start of spring. Many places are still frozen over, but warmer weather is slowly creeping in. If you love getting outdoors in the summer, now is the time to start planning for your outdoor adventures. 

We’re coming up on what’s called shoulder season. It’s the time of year, usually between summer and winter, when places transition from icy tundras to sunny green fields. In many places, shoulder season will leave you in the mud as the snow melts. However, now is the perfect time to solidify your plans for the summer. 

Start With Booking Your Campsites and National Park Visits

(Source: NPS)

Getting outdoors has peaked in popularity in recent years. Finding a campground isn’t as easy as it used to be. In fact, some campgrounds book up six months in advance. So, if you book today, you’re looking at August. 

A new report from The Dyrt says around 85 million people camped last year. Many of them struggled to find a place to stay.

Besides camping, more national parks are using a reservation system to get in. Outdoor lovers find this equally good and bad. On one side, you’re guaranteed access to the park by having a reservation, and there will be fewer crowds once inside places like Glacier or Rocky Mountains. However, some dislike that reservations sell out, and if you live near a park, it’s hard to take a spur-of-the-moment trip. 

Many parks have opened reservations for part of the summer, with more slotted to open dates after Memorial Day weekend in the coming weeks. 

See the list of some parks with reservations this summer.

Order the Gear For Summer Adventures Now

(Source: Brian Erikson)

The holidays have passed, and winter clearance is starting at some popular name-brand outdoor stores. Now is probably the best time to buy to avoid the anxiety of waiting on gear before heading out the door. 

Whether you need a new pair of hiking shoes, a tent, or are looking to upgrade to a camping cot this season, now is probably the best time to grab gear. 

A NY Times article found that February is one of the best times to buy outdoor gear. These discounts are thanks to clearance. Don’t worry if you’re still saving up. The report says new equipment is released in March, which often starts on sale. 

What are your adventure plans this year?

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