Say No To Republican Sell-Outs Like Christine Drazan

Say NO to Christine Drazan Republican Sell-Out

Oregon gun owners are currently facing some of the most intense and illegal attacks anywhere in the country.

In spite of the fact that Mz 114 is currently not in effect, legally buying a firearm in Oregon is becoming an exercise in frustration for many. We just heard from a would-be buyer who has been waiting four years for an approval. And now, the Oregon State Police are making up their own rules to deny transfers to people who are totally qualified.

(Keep an eye out for lawsuits over that issue.)

If you are a law-abiding gun owner in Oregon or wish to become one, understand the state considers you public enemy number one even as real criminals roam the streets unafraid of prosecution.

If you are disgusted and frustrated, you are not alone. So what can you do?

Well, as you know, elections are coming. We have made no secret of our opinion of most elected Republicans. They have repeatedly thrown in the towel, bent over for the gun grabbers, and lied about their intentions to protect the Second Amendment.

But one Oregon House race is going to be a very special battleground.

In House District 51, Marine combat veteran and pro-gun stalwart Republican James Hieb is facing a primary challenge from failed governor candidate Christine Drazan, who desperately wants back into politics.

Her tenure as Republican House Leader (a job she abandoned to run for governor) was an unmitigated disaster. Under her “leadership,” the House Republicans offered an unconditional surrender to the anti-rights Democrats even when they could have controlled the agenda.

Drazan herself voted over and over for far-left bills. She voted to protect one of Tina Kotek’s staffers who was arrested at a Portland riot. She voted to hamstring the police. She voted to outlaw ropes “with loops at the end”. She voted to change Oregon’s state song because it contained the words “free men.” She sent a celebratory Tweet out after the outrageous and false conviction of Derek Chauvin in the George Floyd trial. “Guilty,” she wrote. “Justice is Served.”

She even voted twice to put tampons in the bathrooms of kindergarten BOYS!

In short, Drazan did all she could to promote the agenda of the gun grabbers while laughably claiming she “never backed down from a fight.” She gave away the store to then House Speaker Tina Kotek in an absurd “deal” that, of course, Kotek walked away from making Drazan and the House Republicans a laughing stock.

And now she wants to muscle Hieb out of his seat so she can make a comeback. Oregon cannot afford Christine Drazan.

Support James Hieb

Hieb is a combat vet with the scars to prove it. And since the moment he was appointed to the seat that Drazan walked away from, the rest of the Republicans have done all they could to undermine him. They were seething when he beat the odds and kept the seat in the last election. They desperately want another establishment lackey in that seat, and Drazan is the darling of the do-nothing establishment.

Drazan has the backing of people who keep selling out Oregon gun owners, and she has a lot of money. Hieb does not. But you can help him.

He is going to need all the help he can get because he refuses to back down or be railroaded by Drazan and the establishment.

There are very, very few candidates our PAC would recommend that you support. Too few have earned it. But James has, and a return of Drazan would be a massive step backward.

Please, if it’s even a small donation, consider keeping James in the fight with a contribution to his campaign.

You can donate directly through his website here:

Or you can send a check to

James Hieb for Oregon (PAC #21644)
969 Birch St
Canby OR 97013

If you donate more than $100.00, you will need to include your contact info, occupation and employer with their city and state.

Thank you for doing what you can to restore sanity in Oregon.

Oregon Firearms Political Action Committee

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