Ryobi Speed Bench Mobile Workstation Review

When I first saw the Ryobi Speed Bench Mobile Workstation announcement hit my inbox, I was already thinking of how many ways I might use it around our shop. Now that we have more details and more importantly, have been able to use a for a while, I’m going to walk you through a deeper dive and explore its possibilities.


  • Excellent weight capacity
  • Multi-function use as a workbench or hand truck
  • Much easier to work with than sawhorses and plywood
  • Metric and SAE measurement markings along with common miter angles
  • Hand truck plate is easily removable
  • Link rail included
  • Adaptable for miter saw or table saw installation


  • No built-in leveling ability

Ryobi Speed Bench Mobile Workstation Design

Assembly Notes

When you’re ready to start assembling the unit, give yourself 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how skilled you are. You’ll need a few tools, but nothing too extensive: #2 Phillips screwdriver, adjustable pliers, and socket wrench with 8mm, 13mm, and 17mm sockets.

I used the video assembly guide and things went smoothly. In addition to being able to see how everything goes together, there are a couple of tips to help the final frame assembly steps go a little easier.

Ryobi Speed Bench as a Workbench


In its workbench configuration, the Ryobi Speed Bench is more versatile than just a 42-inch x 22-inch top. For starters, the 5/8-inch-thick butcher block-style top can hold up to 400 pounds. While you probably don’t want to set a Chevy big block on there during a restoration job, it can handle most anything your next project requires.

Around the top, there are measurement markings with a metric scale on two sides and SAE on the others. Additionally, you have common miter angles covering 15°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 75°, and 90° to the left and right.

For those of you wondering if you can set your miter saw or table saw on the top, the answer is yes. Even better, the design team thought ahead, and you can drill into the top to make a secure custom fit. The only thing to look out for are the no-drill channels clearly marked on the top. That’s where the steel frame tubing runs.

For woodworking and other projects that require additional stabilization, clamping is a possibility 360° around the top. The frame attaches to the table with a generous lip around the outside, so your bar clamps and C-clamps have no trouble finding a spot to grab hold.

Ryobi Speed Bench Mobile Workstation UndersideRyobi Speed Bench Mobile Workstation Underside

Technically, you can use it in the collapsed position as well. Our team hasn’t found a need for it based on the way we work, but it’s certainly possible and maintains a level work surface (assuming you’re on level ground).

Another cool feature is the Ryobi Link rail adapter. The bench comes with two small Link rails that install onto the side where the top handle is. If you prefer, there are pre-drilled holes all around the base and you can move the adapter wherever you like it. I looked at positions all around the table and settled on the original spot it was on.

Ryobi Speed Bench Mobile Workstation Link RailRyobi Speed Bench Mobile Workstation Link Rail

Once you have it where you want it, you can use the Link Double Organizer Bin that comes in the box or whatever other Link accessories you can fit on the rail. I haven’t heard anything about additional rail adapters yet, but I’d love to see that hit the shelves for some additional customization of my setup.

Ryobi Speed Bench as a Hand Truck

Ryobi Speed Bench Mobile Workstation ReviewRyobi Speed Bench Mobile Workstation Review

In its hand truck configuration, the Speed Bench holds an impressive 300 pounds on its 19-inch-wide plate.

The 42-inch height of the tabletop offers excellent support, especially when I’m stacking bags of mulch or concrete. It also makes for a super-stable surface to strap the load against.

The trade-off is that I couldn’t see through the table top the way I can with traditional hand truck frames. However, as soon as I tilted it back, the load came into view.

Reverse SideReverse Side

When I first started moving things around, I noticed that the handle was higher than standard hand trucks. I don’t mind that one bit, though. With the handle a little further from the wheels, it’s easier to tilt and move heavy loads, and there’s less fatigue on your arms.

Ryobi Speed Bench Mobile Workstation ReviewRyobi Speed Bench Mobile Workstation Review

The wheels are 10-inch flat-free designs. The larger diameter makes rolling and navigating stairs easier in general, plus I find the all-terrain rubberized tires offer a better grip than other hand trucks.

Ryobi Speed Bench Mobile Workstation WheelsRyobi Speed Bench Mobile Workstation Wheels

If you find the plate is in the way at any point, it’s easily removable. Two thumbscrews keep it in place, so you won’t need any tools when you want to take the plate off. Of course, that also makes it just as easy to reinstall when you need it.



When I first saw the Ryobi Speed Bench, I immediately recognized the frame’s resemblance to a gravity rise miter saw/table saw stand. That’s exactly what its foundation is. The beauty of the design is that the transformation from hand truck to workbench is fast and easy.

In the hand truck configuration, set the unit upright. Use your foot to press down the release on the right-hand side of the frame, push the handle down, and the wheels will roll toward you, lifting the tabletop into its workbench form. The wheels and frame take all the weight, so it doesn’t take a ton of muscle on your end to make the switch.

When you’re ready to collapse it back into a hand truck, simply reverse the process. The release sits in a convenient position, and you won’t have to worry about bending or twisting awkwardly to get to it.


When you first get the box, it’s an easy assumption that the overall weight might be too much to manage. Don’t let that fool you, though. The wheels and frame do the hard work and it is very easy to move around. That said, when I need to load it up in the bed of a truck, I prefer to have a second set of hands helping.

Ryobi Speed Bench Mobile Workstation Price

Look for the Workstation (model STM202) at Home Depot in select stores and online for $199 beginning in May 2024 (just in time for it to double as your Memorial Day barbecue prep table). It includes a limited lifetime warranty, adding a nice layer of confidence in the build.

The Bottom Line

There are a ton of ways you can use the Ryobi Speed Bench Mobile Workstation, and I’m sure Ryobi Nation will discover more that I haven’t thought of. For the way I work, its biggest advantage is the ability to quickly roll out to my work area and create a high-capacity work surface easier than carrying out sawhorses and plywood. Not only that, but its hand truck function means I can get my portable workspace and tools where I need them in one trip. Whether it’s about the convenience of fast and easy setup, the need for out of the way storage, or its multi-function approach, the Ryobi Speed Bench gets two thumbs up from me.

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