Rock-Climbing House Cat ‘Breaks Boundaries’ and ‘Loves Boops’

Link Wolff, also known as on Instagram, climbs more than many humans do. The young house cat lives in Colorado with her humans, and her social media profile identifies her as a “climber,” an “adventurer,” a “breaker of boundaries/stigma,” and—my personal favorite—a “lover of boops.”

Link isn’t quite internet famous yet, but perhaps she should be. Her notoriety got a boost last week when she and her humans were in a spot of trouble. The Rocky Mountain Rescue Group, a nonprofit rescue organization based in Boulder, reports they rescued two climbers and their rock-climbing cat from First Flatiron after the trio became stuck after dark.

Being a cat owner myself, when I first read about this successful rescue, I had so many questions. First, how has this cat not leapt from a cliff face after getting spooked? And, second, just why?

After inspecting Link’s social media profile, I feel better about the situation. Here’s what Link’s owner and account manager wrote in one recent post:

“We definitely had a few stares and conversations in regard to Link, mostly about how to train an adventure cat or how I can climb with her. It’s always fun to share our knowledge and experiences with others. At the end of the day if [Link] doesn’t like it then we don’t do it.”

It is nice to know this incredible cat has a choice in the matter, and we hope she truly enjoys her life as an adventure cat. It’s clear Link’s owners love her very much.

Would you go rock climbing with a pet in tow?

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