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It’s all theater…

When you check your Oregon Voter Pamphlet for the races for judges in the Oregon Supreme Court and the Oregon Court of Appeals you’ll note that your choices are.. wait, there are no choices!?

Much like any third-world, socialist hell hole, Oregon gives you the choice to vote for exactly one candidate.

Most Oregon judges are appointed because most Oregon Judges (oddly) retire before their term is up, meaning they have to be replaced, not by the people, but by the current Governor.

Then, they are the “incumbent” and lawyers rarely run against them for fear of retribution should they wind up in their courtroom. When the merry go round completes another revolution that judge retires early and his replacement is…picked by the governor.

Rinse and repeat.

Judges are the only offices that are noted on your ballot as “incumbents.” What a coincidence.

Every single “candidate” for the Oregon Supreme Court and the Oregon Court of Appeals is already on the court. In no case do you have a choice. You may vote for whomever you like as long as it is the only candidate running.

While this is a terrible system, one “race” is particularly troubling. The coronation for Appeals Court Judge Position 6. There your “choice” is…Jim Egan. (See “non-partisan candidates.”) And that should send chills up your spine if you still have any shred of faith in Oregon’s Judicial System.

Egan, you may recall, was the “judge” who declared gun owners to be racist, anti-semitic, white supremacists in an unhinged rant against the people’s vote to create a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary in Columbia County.

Judge James C. “Jim” Egan for Oregon Court of AppealsJudge James C. “Jim” Egan for Oregon Court of Appeals
Judge James C. “Jim” Egan for Oregon Court of Appeals

You can read his entire demented screed here.

Egan is unfit to appear in a courtroom, let alone serve as a judge. His mindless hatred for law-abiding Americans disqualifies him from any job that requires a measure of impartiality. In spite of his clear bigotry against gun owners, he has refused to recuse himself from the appeal of the Measure 114 injunction. And that, like the entire system, is a disgrace.

This hateful bigot is going to win re-election because the dice are loaded. But you don’t have to participate.

In this election we suggest you write in our attorney Tyler Smith, who Egan directed his mindless attacks against. A small gesture in a game that’s rigged. But a gesture non-the-less.

About Oregon Firearms Federation:

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