Review: Blue Spruce Dovetail Saw

Top-notch handsaw. The Blue Spruce Dovetail Saw makes beautiful cuts in a wide range of woods.

Blue Spruce Dovetail Saw: $295

MY FAVORITE THING about the new Blue Spruce dovetail saw is that it doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel. It’s simply a very good dovetail saw, which is difficult enough to achieve.

The fit and finish of the saw is excellent. A 16-ppi, 11-in.-long blade, made from Swedish steel, is mounted to a slotted steel spine, which is then attached to a resin-infused maple or walnut handle. The saw cut beautifully on a range of hard and soft woods.

For me the real test for any handsaw lies in cutting white oak, which can pose a challenge to even the best. The blade grabbed a little during initial cuts, but after 20 to 25 strokes in the harder wood, it broke in enough to cut smoothly.

The Blue Spruce Dovetail Saw is a nice addition to the lineup of high-quality handsaws on the market, and I’m looking forward to putting it to use.

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