Random Goat Rescued from Overpass in Kansas City

Here’s one you don’t see every day: a goat rescued from an overpass in a big city. The goat, possibly named Chug, may have escaped from a Missouri farm in February and made its way to Kansas City. Then, it somehow managed to get onto a small concrete ledge jutting out from the bridge’s support pillar.

On Monday, the day of the daring rescue and the solar eclipse, Tori Fugate with the KC Pet Project, which is currently looking after the goat, told AP News: “Forget a solar eclipse. We were on goat watch.”

After calls starts coming in about a goat high up on an overpass in Kansas City, citizens and rescuers jumped into action. According to AP News, a concerned citizen got a rope around the goat’s neck in an attempt to guide it to safety, but that nearly turned sour when the goat leapt from the ledge in a panic and nearly hung itself.

Fugate told AP that firefighters acted quickly to create slack in the line, causing the goat to fall the rest of the way to the ground (about 15 feet), landing on a bed of padding put there by first responders. The goat survived with no injuries.

But why was it there? Is it Chug?

The goat’s potential owners are driving into Kansas City today to identify whether this mysterious goat is, in fact, their missing animal.

This Fox video doesn’t show all the drama, but it does provide a visual for just how precarious this goat’s position was:

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