wohohoho 2.2lbs Horticultural Lava Rocks Mix, Succulent Cactus Orchids Natural Potted Soil Additives, Outdoor Indoor Colorful Decorative Rocks for Drainage Top-Dressing, Terrarium

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Product Description

multi lava rocksmulti lava rocks

Why Choose Us ?

1. High Quality: This naturally made sand is made of natural sand.

2. Multi-Function: These coarse sands are good for home decoration, potted plant, dishes garden, terrariums and more.

lava rockslava rocks

coarse silica sandcoarse silica sand Product Specifications:

We are also offering other types gardening potting decoration.

Coarse Silica Sand Black sand/white sand Polished river rocks Hydroponics Clay Pebbles

wohohoho Mix Color Horticultural Lava Rock


Perfect for outdoor indoor decoration like succulent, cactus, bamboo, floral arrangements, vases, bowls, displaying canisters, hurricane glass, terrarium, aquariums, rock gardens, and more.

√ Top Dressing to stabilize plants √ Top Dressing to keep soil √ Top Dressing for Decoration √ Mixed with soil for root breathing √ Mixed with soil for drainage

Clay PebblesClay Pebbles

garden rocksgarden rocks

succulents cactus sandsucculents cactus sand

multi color lava rocksmulti color lava rocks

Upgraded mini Clay Pebbles

They hold water for a longer time, cleaner than traditional LECA, so you don’t need to take a lot of the time to get rid of the dust and debris 4 mm in average, they are also much gentler on the roots, it’s perfect for more fragile root systems.

Golden Coarse Silica Sand

Not only for bonsai top dressing rocks, these golden sand rocks are also widely used in Aquariums to help absorb impurity and keep water clean.

Mix Horticultural Lava Rock

Rainbow rocks. larger grains but lightweight, therefore, they are used to mixed with soil to help plants breathing and avoiding over watering. They are also great for using as top dressing rocks, or as bottom rocks to improve drainage.

black sandblack sand

red lavared lava

river rocksriver rocks

Black Sparkle Galaxy Rocks

You can use them as top dressing when potting your mini succulents. You will love the little bits of sparkle in your mix soil.

Red Horticultural Lava Rock

These red lava rocks has been pre-washed with no artificial fillers or colors. They are premium lava rock substrate for potting bonsai, succulents, cacti, and other plants.

Natural River Rocks

These natural river rocks has been lightly polished for smooth effect, come with a variety of natural colors. They keep a variety of browns, whites, yellow and black rocks.

Product size
8mm-10mm 3mm-5mm 8mm-12mm 8mm-12mm 5mm 5mm

Mix Horticultural Lava Rock Coarse Silica Sand Coarse Silica Sand Hydroponic Clay Pebbles mini Clay Pebbles mini Clay Pebbles

Drainage / DIY / Decoration Top dressing / Aquariums Top dressing / Aquariums Hydroponics, Drainage, Aquaponics Hydroponics / Drainage / Decoration / Air Hydroponics / Drainage / Decoration / Air

2.2lbs 2.2lbs 2.7lbs 11Oz 2.2lbs 2.2lbs

1L 1L 1.2L+ 1L 1L 1L

Package Type
Bottle Bottle 2-layer bag Bottle Bottle Bottle

2.2lbs natural Horticultural Lava Rocks Mix come in an reusable plastic bottle.
DIY Rocks: These colorful lava rocks are good for outdoor indoor home decoration, craft projects,scene setting, vase fillers, terrarium, fairy Gardening, flowerpot, succulent, cactus bonsai, houseplant, garden, outdoor decorative and more.
Ideal Drainage: Faster draining blend, get rid of root rot. Adding these porous lava rocks instead of mulch to maintain plants such as orchids, succulents, cacti, and bonsai trees. The porosity of lava rocks allows for excellent drainage while maintaining moisture within soil and also supplying the necessary nutrition for plants growing.
Potted soil additives: Horticultural black lava an ideal amendment for bonsai soil, can also be used for top dressing, adds weight to stabilize plants in the soil, its wet-dry color helps set water schedules. Neutralize soil pH, providing a better growth environment for plants.
100% Natural volcanic scoria: Pre-washed with no artificial fillers or colors, does not break down easily. All of them have been sieved to discard dust and coarse particles.

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