VegeBox Hydroponics Growing System – Indoor Herb Garden, Smart Garden Starter Kit with LED Grow Lights for Home Kitchen, Plant Germination Kits (9 pods, White)

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Product Description



VBVB About VegeBox

Vegebox has been working on the research and development of hydroponic growing system products to help people simplify the process of planting, reduces the interference of external factors on plant growth, and harvest more efficiently.

Our hydroponic gardening system have been certified by such authorities as ROAHS, REACH, ERP, etc. They are conducive to plant growth, and are safe and reliable.

Fresh Health Safe

Product Features

Easier and more convenient to use

Our hydroponic growing system adopts a new design of shallow layer without pump. The reasonable tank capacity and height design can not only meet the growth demand of plants for water, but also allow the roots of the plants to be immersed in the nutrient solution to absorb nutrients, so as to achieve the plant effective growth. Just add water or nutrient solution regularly. Ideal for those who are busy or have no planting experience.

Plants grow naturally in water-no soil and no mess Grow fresh herbs & vegetables year-round ABS food grade material – no harmful susbstance 21-Watt full spectrum LED for faster growth Automatic mode for light cycle Height adjustable light lamp Plant Pods: 9 pods Water Tank Capacity: 1.2L

Heigh AdjustableHeigh Adjustable

Simple and fun experince

step 1step 1

step 2step 2

step 3step 3

step 4-1step 4-1

Step 1: Pour water into box

Pour a small amount of water into the seeding box (just enough to cover the bottom).

Step 2: Sowing

Use the tweezers to place one or two seeds into each hole in the sponge.

Step 3: Sprouts in Days

The seeds will germinate in about 2-7 days, depending on the type of seed.

Step 4: Transplanting

Place each small sponge piece with its plant into the plant basket.

step 5step 5


turn onturn on

step 8step 8

Step 5: Transplanting

Place the plant baskets into the designated holes in the plant bed.

Step 6: Add water

Add water and nutrient solution in proportion. The tank capacity is 1.2L.

Step 7: Turn on the LED

Turn on the LED lightto begin a new light cycle until your plants are fully grown.

Step 8: Harvest in Weeks

Fast growth peorid, some plants may require more days to grow.


From Plant to Plate, Just a Few Weeks

Start your indoor hydroponic herb garden right away. Enjoy fresh veggies and furit with Vegebox.

Plant pod
9 12 11 2

Knid of LED
full spectrum full spectrum full spectrum full spectrum full spectrum

21W 22W 15W 20W

Automatic light turn on & off
Auto turn on & turn off Auto turn on & turn off Auto turn on & turn off Light brightness adjustment

Water tank
1.2L 2L 3.6

Fresh Herbs Year-round: Soil-free, no-mess indoor growing, this smart garden built-in a full spectrum LED lighting system that enables plants to grow indoors year-round, regardless of the climate. It is an excellent, simple way for anyone to enjoy their own fresh herbs, vegetables, or even flowers.
Growing a Variety of Crops: 9 plant pods, so you can grow a large variety of greens at the same time to keep your veggie supply running smoothly. Ideal for mint ,parsely, thyme, basil, lettcue, tomatoes, cucumber, flowers… They grow healthy and fast, plants grown in hydroponic systems grow 30% to 50% faster than those grown in soil.
Easy to Use: This low-maintenance gardening systems are foolproof that everyone can use it, even if you have a black thumb. It’s fully automated, the lights are on a timer too so you don’t need to worry about turning it on and off. You simply add plant pods, fill the tank with water and plug it in. and wait for your garden to grow, no gardening tools required.
Makes a Unique Gifts: Whether it’s a birthday, holiday, housewarming and other special occasion, this special gift will make life in the garden easier and more fun to anyone who loves gardening, they’ll have samll sprouts that will flourish into flavorful and fragrant herbs. It’s also a great hands-on educational gift for kids to learn about plants and also teach them about caring for another life, ideal for young kids of all ages.
Package Includes: Includes hydroponic system with power plug, 60ml nutrition A and nutrition B, and Planting kit which includes 1 seed box, 20 planting baskets, 8 caps, 1 measuring cup, 18 soponges and 1 tweezer. We’ve got everything ready for you, start growing right away. (Please note that due to import restrictions, seeds are not included in the package, so you can buy any seeds you like)

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