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Spider Farmer 2024 G4500 Cost-Effective 430W LED Grow Lights Full Spectrum Dimmable Bar Style Led Growing Lamp for Indoor Plants 2×4 Coverage

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What type of growers is the G Series suitable for?

Spider Farmer G Series is the perfect choice for budget-conscious growers who still demand high-quality yields.

What is the difference between the G Series and SE Series?

The G Series uses Bridgelux diodes, SE Series uses Samsung LM301B diodes. Both of these brands are well-known in the industry and are considered reliable. Samsung is renowned as a leading diode manufacturer, while Bridgelux is a local American manufacturer with 21 years of experience.

G Series

SE Series(Samsung LM301B)

UV IR Supplemental Light

Grow Tent Series

Inline Fan Series

Grow Tent Kit

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MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY AND UNIFORM LIGHT: The Spider Farmer G4500 led grow light has a unique elongated light bar design that provides more uniform and comprehensive canopy coverage, especially at the edges of the cultivation area. With 1484 Pcs high efficiency diodes, the G4500 LED grow light is able to obtain 450 watts of power, achieving an impressive PPE of 2.8 umol/J, covering 3×5 feet or 2×4 feet of high-yielding full-cycle growth.
ADVANCED FULL SPECTRUM: The spider farmer G4500 light is a full spectrum LED grow light (3200-4200K,4800-5000K,650-665nm) with different wavelengths of light, perfect for every stage of plant growth, from seed to harvest.
DIMMING DAISY CHAIN AND EASY INSTALLATION: Dimming knob allows to adjust the brightness of the light, 10-100% dimming to meet the needs of plant growth. Also daisy chain function supports growers to connect 60 grow lights for dimming at the same time. Highly recommended for use in grow rooms, home growing (3×5 or 2×4 grow tent), DWC and hydroponics.
FAST COOLING AND DETACHABLE DRIVER: The bar style grow light design and aluminum heat sink on the back benefit air circulation and fast heat dissipation. And the removable driver and 6.6-foot power cord extend the life of the grow light by reducing ambient heat in the grow space. The waterproof coating on the LED diodes protects the G4500 from safe operation in wet conditions.
WHY CHOOSE BAR-STYLE LED GROW LIGHTS? The key advantage of bar-style grow lights lies in their ability to offer consistent light distribution across the canopy. Each light bar is strategically spaced to ensure a reliable and uniform spread of light, creating optimal growth conditions for your plants. Additionally, bar grow lights exhibit superior heat management compared to QB lights, minimizing hot spots on your plants.

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