pH Controller with Temperature Compensation, Dual Relay Digital pH Monitor, Professional pH Meter for Hydroponic System and Indoor Plant Grow, Aquarium, Farm Garden

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DIGITAL PH CONTROLLER : pH Controller Precise and dependable pH measurement and control for various aqueous solutions,monitor control for your pH up and down in water to maximize your grow and ensure plants get a balanced feed.
TEMPERATURE COMPENSATION : High-precision pH sensor with temperature compensation Switchable temperature unit for convenience.pH Meter can Eliminates pH fluctuations for stable and worry-free pH management.
DATA DISPLAY FUNCTION : Hydroponics digital tester Auto display Max/Min/Avg data upon powering on,It also includes a chart display for tracking the status of pH and temperature over the past 3 days.,the LCD display for comprehensive data display.
DUAL RELAY OUTPUT : pH Controller has Dual relay output for easy automatically switching between pH UP and pH DOWN modes,Plug and play operation for hassle-free use.
AUTOMATIC pH MONITOR : Professional pH Meter Accurate pH measurement with Automatically introduces pH-adjusting substances to achieve desired pH level, and pH Monitor can full garden nutrient monitoring in water.

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