Organic Marina Mist Foliar Spray for All Orchid Varieties | Liquid Orchid Fertilizer | Micro Nutrients for Vital Health | Liquid Plant Food (16 OZ)

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Introducing the ‘Marina Mist Organic Kelp Spray for Orchids,’ a revolutionary orchid care solution designed to specifically cater to the unique needs of orchid aerial roots and leaves. Our product is enriched with essential micronutrients and minerals, derived from the pure Ascophyllum Nodosum kelp, aiming to bolster the internal health and external allure of your orchids. This innovative spray enhances photosynthetic efficiency and fortifies the adaptive strength of the aerial roots, particularly beneficial in indoor settings. As a result, orchids develop a more vigorous root system, encouraging enhanced flowering and growth. Key ingredients like natural growth hormones and amino acids are incorporated to stimulate the plant’s metabolic activities, fostering better overall health and increased resilience against environmental stressors. The ‘Marina Mist Organic Kelp Spray for Orchids’ is more than just a care product; it is an integral component of your orchid nurturing regimen, offering an optimal experience that aligns with the distinct biological processes of orchids. It ensures that your plants not only survive but thrive in their environment
Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 9 x 4 x 3 inches; 1 Pounds
Date First Available ‏ : ‎ December 17, 2023
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Summit Sales Company LLC

🌸 SCIENTIFICALLY ENHANCED FLOWERING – Enhance orchid flowering with our kelp-based formula. Apply 1-2 times weekly, spraying on both roots and leaves during morning or late afternoon for vibrant colors and robust health. This targeted approach ensures that your orchids receive the full spectrum of essential nutrients, fostering a more prolific and lasting bloom.
💪 IMMUNITY BOOST – Our spray, crafted from Ascophyllum Nodosum Kelp, is rich in bioactive compounds like cytokinins, auxins, and betaines, which are known to enhance plant immunity. These natural substances bolster the plant’s defense mechanisms, making them less susceptible to common diseases and environmental stressors.
🌿 BOOST PHOTOSYNTHESIS AND GROWTH – Promote vigorous growth and enhanced photosynthesis with regular use. Apply to all leaf surfaces and roots for comprehensive care and energy conversion. By improving light absorption, this spray significantly boosts the growth rate and health of your orchids.
💧 ADVANCED MOISTURE MANAGEMENT – Balance moisture for orchids, preventing over or under-watering. Ideal for misting both roots and leaves to maintain perfect hydration levels. Our spray helps to create an ideal micro-environment around your orchids, ensuring they thrive even in varying indoor conditions.
🛡️ PLANT RESILIENCE SUPPORT – Our spray, enriched with Ascophyllum Nodosum Kelp, is designed to enhance the natural resilience of plants. Its unique composition, including alginates and mannitol, fortifies plants, making them less appealing to unwanted visitors. This approach nurtures a healthier environment for your indoor plants, naturally reducing their susceptibility to unwanted visitors.
🌟 STRESS RESILIENCE FOR ROOTS AND LEAVES – Rich in amino acids and growth hormones, our spray strengthens both leaves and roots, enhancing resilience to environmental stressors. This fortification helps your orchids adapt to and overcome challenges like fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels.
🔄 MADE IN THE USA – READY-TO-USE & SAFE APPLICATION – Suitable for gardeners of all skill levels, this American-made spray is pre-mixed and ready to use right out of the bottle, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Just shake and apply to every part of the orchid without worries of burns or overdosing.

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