NXTGEN AUTOMOTIVE Stop Crossbar Whistle | Add Premium Functionality | Universal Fit Crossbar and Roof Rack Accessory – NXTGEN AeroGrips (2 Pack)

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Smooth airflow over an airfoillike surface, such as a roof rack or crossbar causes drag and in some instances whistling noises. While some designs are more aerodynamic than others, smooth airflow over crossbars or roof racks will always cause increased drag and a reduction of aerodynamic efficiency. Adding NXTGEN AeroGrips to crossbars or roof racks that do not already have inlaid, grooved aerodynamic strips will provide some significant benefits, such as: Breaking up airflow near the front (leading edge) of a crossbar significantly reduces whistling noises at all speeds. Vehicles with crossbars and roof racks that have no rubberized grips have hard, slick surfaces that can scuff easily and make it harder to secure your cargo. Adding AeroGrips provides a durable, grippy surface that adds premium functionality, increased efficiency and quieter operation. Similar to how vehicle spoilers work, NXTGEN AeroGrips uniquely designed ridges disrupt airflow and cause turbulence. This turbulence eliminates the smooth airflow over surfaces, reducing drag and increasing efficiency. IMPORTANT NOTE : In order to eliminate crossbar whistle, crossbars must be installed correctly and all manufacturersupplied components must be installed. AeroGrips are not intended to replace or cover other inlaid rubber strips; rather they should be used in addition to them. AeroGrips are not a wind faring replacement, rather an additional accessory if needed. NXTGEN AeroGrips are sold as either a single 60” strip or a set of (2) 60” inch strips. Premium quality UVresistant rubber Topquality 3M VHB adhesive for a strong bond Protective rubberized grip for cargo Eliminates crossbar whistling Increases efficiency Better holds cargo in place Adds premium features to any crossbar or roof rack type
Some of the most common complaints about crossbars and roof racks are whistling noises above certain speeds, lack of protective or rubberized grips and reduced aerodynamic efficiency. NXTGEN AeroGrips rectifies all of these issues with one simple, cost-effective product, adding premium functionality to almost any crossbar or roof rack system not already equipped with this technology.
While most rubberized aerodynamic strips must be inlaid within specific types of crossbars or roof racks, NXTGEN AeroGrips can quickly and easily be adhered to almost any crossbar or roof rack type. Each of our AeroGrip strips is 60 inches long and can be cut to size for a wide range of applications on cars, trucks, SUVs and vans. No special tools are needed and the crossbars or roof racks do not even need to be removed from the vehicle.
OEM and aftermarket crossbar and roof rack models that feature specialized aerodynamic rubber strips are typically high-end models, which often cost significantly more than average. Sometimes, the biggest difference between two types of well constructed, excellent fitting crossbar or roof rack models is this single feature and hundreds of dollars in additional costs. This makes these rubberized aerodynamic strips one costly piece of rubber, until now!
NXTGEN AeroGrips are designed and created in The USA. They are constructed using high-quality UV resistant rubber and utilize the strongest available 3M VHB adhesive.

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