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Luxurious Ultralight Duck Down Camping Blanket | Perfect for Backpacking | Packable Puffy Camp Quilt with Hood | Ideal for Travel Camping & Outdoor Adventures 80×54 Black

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Product Description

camping, hiking, picnic, beachcamping, hiking, picnic, beach

packable, compact, travelpackable, compact, travel

water resistant, hiking, camping, trailwater resistant, hiking, camping, trail

Warmth and Comfort

Indulge in the luxurious embrace of our down camping blanket, a haven of warmth and comfort. Crafted with precision, it features 250 grams of superior 90% down and 10% feathers, delivering an exquisite blend of insulation and coziness. With an impressive 700 fill power, this blanket effortlessly captures and retains heat, ensuring a snug cocoon for chilly adventures. Whether it’s a mountainside campsite, a beach bonfire, or watching your favorite sports team, relish the lightweight luxury and unparalleled comfort of our down camping blanket. Embrace the elements while wrapped in the warmth of outdoor bliss.

Perfect for Backpacking!

Elevate your backpacking experience with our down camping blanket, a feather-light essential for the modern adventurer. Weighing about half the weight of the lightest down sleeping bags, our camping blanket will cut weight from your pack. Compact and compressible, this blanket seamlessly fits into your backpack, adding minimal bulk while offering maximum insulation. See why many backpackers are ditching their sleeping bags for high quality, ultralight, and compact camping blankets.

Nature Ready

Immerse yourself in the embrace of nature with our nature-ready camping blanket. Designed for the elements, it boasts a water-resistant surface fortified by a non-toxic DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating. Unleash your adventurous spirit without worry as this blanket effortlessly repels dirt and stains, maintaining a pristine appearance amidst the rugged beauty of the outdoors.

RDS duck downRDS duck down

No animals were harmed in the production of your Trail Hippie Blanket

Animal Welfare: RDS ensures that ducks used for down production are treated humanely. This includes ensuring the ducks have access to proper food, water, and living conditions. It prohibits practices such as force-feeding and live-plucking, promoting the well-being of the animals.

Environmental Responsibility: RDS incorporates criteria for responsible environmental practices, encouraging sustainable and green approaches in the production and processing of down.

Global Standards: RDS is an internationally recognized standard, providing a consistent set of criteria for the treatment of ducks across the global down industry. This creates a benchmark for ethical practices.

Consumer Confidence: RDS allows consumers to make ethical choices. Those concerned about animal welfare and ethical sourcing can trust that products with RDS duck down meet stringent standards. RDS is a wise choice for consumers who prioritize the performance of down products and the ethical treatment of animals.

non-toxic C0 DWR, durable water repellantnon-toxic C0 DWR, durable water repellant

Health and Environmental Benefits

Why C0 DWR? C0 DWR stands for “C0 Durable Water Repellent.” It’s a type of water-repellent treatment applied to fabrics, commonly used in outdoor and performance apparel. The “C0” indicates that it is free from perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs), including short-chain PFCs (C6) and long-chain PFCs (C8). Most competitors are using C6 or, even scarier for your health, still using C8.

Complete Elimination of Fluorocarbons: C0 DWR is entirely free from fluorocarbons, providing a more comprehensive environmental solution. In contrast, C6 DWR still contains short-chain fluorocarbons, which, while less persistent than long-chain variants, can still raise environmental and health concerns.

Stringent Environmental Standards: C0 DWR often adheres to more stringent environmental standards, ensuring that the manufacturing process and end product are in line with evolving sustainability benchmarks.

Reducing our impact on the environment and on our customer’s health matter to us!

Embrace the Elements of Nature

Mountain lake hippieMountain lake hippie

Elevate Your Outdoor Adventures with the Trail Hippie Down Camping Blanket with Hood: Embrace the Warmth and Versatility You Deserve!

Are you an avid outdoor enthusiast, constantly seeking the next great adventure, whether it’s backpacking through the rugged wilderness, camping under the starry night sky, cheering on your favorite team at sporting events, or simply spending quality time outdoors with friends and family? If so, you understand the importance of having reliable gear that enhances your outdoor experience.

Unparalleled Warmth, Unmatched Comfort:

Our down camping blanket is your key to staying warm in the most challenging conditions. Boasting a remarkable 700 fill power, it provides exceptional insulation, making those chilly evenings, cold nights, and brisk mornings feel like a cozy retreat. With 90% premium down and 10% feathers, this blanket delivers greater warmth, ensuring you’re snug and toasty throughout your outdoor escapades.

Ideal for All Your Adventures:

From camping in the wilderness to backpacking in the mountains, hiking in picturesque landscapes, or enjoying the thrill of sporting events, our down camping blanket is your ideal companion. It’s designed to elevate your outdoor experience, making every adventure warmer, cozier, and more enjoyable.

Material 20D Nylon Insulation/Fill 90/10 Duck Down 700 fill power Dimensions 1 Person – 80″ x 54″ Trail Weight 1.5 lb Sustainability RDS certified down ensures humane treatment of ducks throughout the supply chain.

duck down, 90/10, 250g, 700 fpduck down, 90/10, 250g, 700 fp

The Lowdown on Down

There are 3 important things to understand when purchasing any down product. Understanding these features helps you understand quality (thus cost) and warmth.


Down Fill Power

Definition: Down fill power is a measure of the loft or fluffiness of down insulation. It indicates how much space one ounce of down occupies in cubic inches when allowed to reach its maximum loft.Significance: Higher fill power numbers represent loftier and more insulating down. This means that a higher fill power down provides better warmth with less weight, making it a key factor in determining the quality and performance of down insulation in products like sleeping bags and blankets.

fill weight 250g duck downfill weight 250g duck down

Fill Weight

Definition: Fill weight refers to the total weight of the down or synthetic insulation used in a product, measured in ounces or grams.Significance: While fill power indicates the quality and insulating ability of down, fill weight determines the overall amount of insulation in a product. A higher fill weight generally means more insulation, which can contribute to increased warmth. The combination of fill power and fill weight is crucial in determining the overall thermal efficiency and warmth-to-weight ratio of a product.

90/10 down to feather ratio90/10 down to feather ratio

Down to Feather Ratio

Definition: The down to feather ratio expresses the proportion of down clusters to feathers in a down insulation blend. For example, a ratio of 90/10 indicates that the blend consists of 90% down clusters and 10% feathers.Significance: Down clusters are more effective at providing insulation compared to feathers. A higher down to feather ratio is often associated with higher-quality insulation, offering better warmth and compressibility. This ratio can influence the overall performance and durability of products like blankets, sleeping bags, or outerwear.

duck down, 90/10, 250g, 700 fpduck down, 90/10, 250g, 700 fp


fill weight 250g duck downfill weight 250g duck down

90/10 down to feather ratio90/10 down to feather ratio

LUXURIOUS DOWN FILL – Our Trail Hippie camping blanket is filled with 250g 700fp premium quality, responsibly sourced duck down, ensuring a lightweight, warm, and incredibly comfortable sleeping experience.
WATER RESISTANT AND INSULATED – The down camping blanket features even fill with baffle box design and a non-toxic water resistant outer layer to protect against dampness and to ensure you stay warm even in cold weather camping conditions.
INNOVATIVE REPELLENT TECHNOLOGY – Keeps pet hair, dirt, and sand at bay, ensuring a clean and comfortable camping experience.
COMPACT AND PACKABLE- This camp blanket is designed to be easily packable and comes with a convenient stuff sack carry bag, making it an essential part of your camping gear.
WARMTH & COMFORT – While we cannot provide an accurate temperature rating (there is not an accurate system in place for testing camp quilts and individual cold tolerance varies), our camping blanket is generally recommended alone for temperaures above 32°F or with a sleeping bag when below freezing.
EASY MAINTENANCE – Regular fluffing, spot cleaning, and proper storage are key. Follow care instructions for lasting warmth and comfort on your outdoor adventures.
VERSATILE USE – Ideal as a camping and backpacking quilt for sleeping, it also serves as a beach blanket, picnic blanket, car blanket, festival blanket, or stadium blanket, making it a must-have for your camping accessories. Includes attached hood with pocket for storing when not in use and an interior cell phone pocket for when using the blanket as a poncho/cape.
ADD TO CART 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. Durable and Long-lasting – Crafted with high-quality, responsibly sourced, non-toxic materials, this outdoor blanket withstands the rigors of outdoor use, ensuring it remains your trusted camping companion for years to come.

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