Grower’s Choice Full Spectrum 630W NS Complete All in One Grow Light Fixture for Indoor Plant Grow Include 2 315w 3K cmh Grow Light Bulb/Controller Compatible/Full Spectrum Grow Light Fixture/ETL Li

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Product Description

The newly redesigned Grower’s Choice NS Double Ended fixture is boasting the famous Grower’s Choice Spectrum that was horticulturally engineered to replicate and harness the forceful penetrating power of the sun. This is the perfect light fixture for all your horticulture applications and your basic horticulture supplied. It is leading the industry with the most efficient dimmable ballast and an open-air reflector that utilizes a unique passively cooled design. The new Grower’s Choice Horticultural CMH Lighting Fixture GC-630NS offers ultimate control of spectral output with two horizontally placed lamps that allows the ability to mix spectrums for an optimal full phase broad spectrum that will let all your specialty flowering plants reach their maximum potential. Grower’s Choice 630W NS Double Ended Ceramic Metal Halide Grow Lamp Fixture comes with Low Frequency Square Wave Technology for Indoor Grow for plants. This fixture is controller compatible, it can work with the Grower’s Choice controller. Consumers could ask for a GC controller with GC for an additional cost. This cmh system is the most efficient unit on the whole market.With its full spectrum and efficient energy cost, growers can gain better yields without using the same amount of electricity as other fixtures. The unit rated main voltage:120V/240V. 277V and 480V commercial grade voltage is availble for pre-orders. This unit is ETL Listed, United States Federal NRC Licensed. Fixture: 23*15*17 inch Shipping size: 26*19*14 inch Display Weight :28 lbs Shipping Weight: 50lbs 1*630W NS Complete Fixture  2*315W 3K Lamp for this listing. Other type of lamp color, please refer to Grower’s Choice other 630W NS Listings

Grower’s Choice 630W NS CMH Complete Fixture

Automatic Frequency Adjustment Full Circuit Protection and RF Shielding,passive cooling design Full Spectrum of Lighting with CMH 3K,3KR,4K Lamp Options RJ9/RJ14 ports available,United State Federal NRC Licensed

Grower’s Choice 315W CMH Lamp

For use in any 315W and 630W NS Grower’s Choice fixture 3K,4K,3KR,10K available Photon Flux(umol/s) 450-540

Grower’s Choice 630W NS Ballast

Advanced Low Frequency Square Wave Technology Full Circuit Protection Dimmable Ballast include 380W/490W/630W/Super Lumen settings All of ballasts have passed QA test before sending out to customers.

Grower’s Choice Fixture Production Line

All of the Product defective rate is less than 0.1%. All of the Grower’s Choice Fixtures are ONLY recommended to pair with Grower’s Choice Brand Bulbs, abuse use or use not as instructed by affect product performance.

Grower’s Choice 630W NS Complete Fixture Set up

630W NS Fixture

Dimmable Option Smart Step Technology Super Lumen Smart Start Ignition Control Soft Start Technology Re-Strike of Hot Lamp after Main Failure

630W NS Fixture

Automatic Frequency Adjustment Full Circuit Protection Running Temperature RF Shielding Silent Operation High Energy Efficency

315W CMH

Contains precision gasses for enhanced spectral output Generates much less heat than HPS and MH More closely matches sunlight than ANY other lighting solution available Growers report tighter inter-nodal spacing and better yields on flowering

This Grower’s Choice 630W Ceramic Metal Halide is the best hydroponics supplied you should choose for your plant. This CMH system come with 1 complete lighting fixture and 2 cmh 315 single endled lamps. Dimmable Option allow lamps of various wattages to be operated in the same unit simply by adjusting the dial on the ballast.
Grower’s Choice 630W CMH have Smart Start Ignition Control & Soft Start Technology. This commercial grow light has lots of advantages to help growers to increase yield.
This Indoor garden grow kit also has Automatic Frequency Adjustment, Full Circuit Protection and RF Shielding!Compare to General hydroponics system, this grow light Uses Advance Square Wave Low Frequency Technology for ultimate efficiency!
Grower’s Choice fixture provide full spectrum of lighting. It’s the Grow lights for seed starting,veg, flowering. It is a commercial grow light, customer can use it for greenhouse, but also can use in a grow tent.
5.All Grower’s Choice fixtures have RJ9/RJ14 ports on them so that they can be controlled via the Gavita EL1 and/or EL2 controller. Grower’s Choice 630W-NS includes a 3 Year Manufactures USA warranty!

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