Fruit Fly Traps for Indoors,Effective Fruit Fly Killer Catcher Gnat Trap with Yellow Sticky Pads,Reusable Odorless Gnat Killer Fruit Fly Trap Comes with Fruit Fly Attractant for Home Kitchen (2 Pack)

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💘The upgraded strawberry fruit fly trap for indoor is safe and tasteless.

🍓Fruit fly traps can be safely placed on kitchen counters,dining areas,near unrefrigerated fruits and plants,and any other places where pests gather.

🍒Bright red strawberry-shaped traps are easier to confuse and attract fruit flies.Easily eliminate these annoying household pests!


🌺Eliminate pesky fruit flies in just three steps:

1. Open the lid of the strawberry fly trap.

2. Put the included refills liquid into the mosquito trap.If you run out of bait refill,consider making your own.Recommended:Fruit juice,apple cider vinegar,a few drops of soap,or others.

3. Attach the sticker to the stick and tear off the paper of the yellow sticker.

4. Cover the lid and place the fruit fly trap in a place with more pests.Once a fruit fly enters the trap through the hole above or gets stuck with sticky paper,it cannot escape breeding.

🦋Butterfly-shaped fruit fly trapping stickers are double-sided adhesive,super glue,can stick to all kinds of flying insects,and sunscreen and waterproof,suitable for all kinds of weather and all kinds of environments,giving you and your family 360-degree all-weather protection!
You can use the fruit fly Killer for indoors.When the fruit fly trap is full,you can continue to catch fruit flies and small insects after washing with warm soapy water.

🎁Package Quantity:

2 X Flycatcher

1 X Liquid Attractants(20ml)

8 X Yellow Sticker

Note: Remember to change the fruit fly bait every 30 days or until the sticky paper is covered with mosquitoes.

🥰If you have any problem when you use,please contact us any time.
🍓【Newly Upgraded Fruit Fly Trap】The latest strawberry fruit fly killer,the products include strawberry gnat catcher(2pcs)+yellow sticky traps(8pcs for giveaway)+fruit fly trap refills (20ml).Drosophila were captured by two methods:visual trapping and odor trapping.The fruit fly catcher is fluorescent red and works with Fruit Fly Trap Bait to attract small flying insects.The yellow sticky sticker is made of high-quality glue,and the fruit flies will not be able to escape once they get close.
🍓【Wide Application of Fruit Fly Catcher】You can use indoor insect trap in any room where flying insects are present.Such as kitchen, balcony,bedroom,indoor and outdoor areas where flying insects gather.Strawberry fly trap will help you to get rid of the flying insects and protect your home fruits,vegetables and potted plants from invasion and protect your health.The lovely strawberry design of the insect killer trap will blend seamlessly with the beautiful fruits indoors and outdoors.
🍓【Easy-to-use and Reusable Traps】A fruit fly trap that is ready to use when you open the package.Pour the mosquito lure into the strawberry trap,insert insect sticky traps,and place it in the area where fruit flies are active and wait for them to approach.Once a fruit fly enters a fruit fly trap or gets stuck with a plant gnat sticky traps,there is no way to escape breeding.When the indoor fly trap is full of insects,simply replace the sticker and bait to use it again.
🍓【Safe Gnat Traps】Fruit fly traps are made of eco-friendly materials,safe and odor-free.Traps can be placed anywhere near fruit,food and plants.Gnat traps for house indoor are designed with entry funnels.Once a fruit fly enters the fly trap,it cannot escape.Keep those annoying fruit flies out of your life.Even though our indoor fruit fly traps are safe,it is still recommended that you keep them out of the reach of children and pets to avoid trouble from accidental ingestion.
🍓【Your Trustworthy Fruit Fly Trap】Determined to solve our customers’ home mosquito problems,the upgraded fruit fly traps for indoors are specially designed for flying insects and work even better with the included 20ml mosquito lure and sticky fruit fly trap! If you are not satisfied with your purchase of gnat traps for house indoor, please let us know immediately so we can do everything we can to improve your overall experience.

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