Brut Organic Chicken Compost 1 Cubic ft Nutrient Rich Fertilizer for Thriving Gardens Safe, Pure, and Effective Treatment (4 Pack)

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Embark on a gardening journey with Brut Nutrient-Rich Chicken Compost, where the age-old tradition of using manure as plant formula meets innovative solutions. Created over 9 months with meticulous care through a slow composting process, this compost is managed for ideal moisture and heat, resulting in a consistently high-quality product. Beyond being a compost, it serves as a rich source of organic matter that, when added to the soil, gradually breaks down, releasing a variety of minerals and nutrients. The real magic happens with the introduction of beneficial microbes, working in harmony with plant roots to establish a thriving soil ecosystem. Explore microbial diversity with Brut Worm Castings, a nutrient-rich addition to any gardening project. Enriched with essential elements like Magnesium, Potassium, Iron, Calcium, Sulfide, Nitrogen, and Phosphorous, these castings provide a direct pathway to plant roots, promoting vitality. For the ultimate gardening experience, consider Brut Super Soil, a carefully crafted blend with worm castings and composted chicken manure for a nutrient-rich harvest. Enhance your gardening experience with Brut Nutrient-Rich Chicken Compost, blending tradition with innovation to achieve an unprecedented harvest. Give your plants the best care they deserve, as Brut nurtures not only the garden but also the soul.
Date First Available ‏ : ‎ February 14, 2024
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Brut Worm Farms

Natural Fertilizer: Ancient solution to providing minerals and nutrients to plants because it works; There is nothing synthetic or manmade about Brut Chicken Compost
Safe: Won’t burn plants; Brut Chicken Compost has been aerated and managed for moisture and heat over nine months and tested to ensure safety; It is screened and filtered to provide a consistently high-quality product
Organic Matter: Brut Chicken Compost is a great source of organic matter; When added to soil, organic matter breaks down and releases minerals and nutrients
Pure Compost: Containing only high-quality Chicken Compost and nothing else; No fillers or additives; Only rich, dark compost that looks and smells pleasing to the senses
Easy To Use: Gently blend into soil or use as a top dressing; Perfectly suited for indoors or outdoors; Child and pet friendly

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