Boost & Bloom Granular Rose and Flower Fertilizer by Heirloom Roses

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Three Necessary Steps To Growing Beautiful Roses



hardiness zonehardiness zone

6 Hours of Sunlight

All rose plants thrive best in full sun and need at least 6 hours a day. Avoid dense shade altogether, as the rose plant may produce fewer blooms and grow too leggy.

Water & Soil Nutrition

Water newly planted roses live plants 2 to 3 times per week until established. Afterward, give them a deep watering (2 inches) once a week or if extremely warm, twice a week.

Most rose bushes will do fine with average garden soil, however clay-based or nutrient void soils will likely need to be amended. The Heirloom Roses’ Store has several options that will help ensure successful growth.

Know Your Hardiness Zone

A hardiness zone is the general standard for gardeners to determine whether a live plant will thrive in their geographical location. To ensure a successful garden, it is important to choose the correct rose bush for your hardiness zone to know when a rose bush is ready to plant outdoors.

The Best Roses Start With The Best Roots


What Is The Own-Root Difference?

Own-root roses are roses grown from cuttings taken from stock plants. Unlike grafted roses, the roots of own-root roses are the same variety as their flowering tops.

Unlike the majority of rose growers in the United States, Heirloom Roses sells only own-root, virus-free roses. Our roses are first-year cuttings that are grown from a leaf cutting taken from a “mother” or “stock” live plants. Own-root roses may be smaller when purchased, but quickly catch up to grafted roses (which are usually sold as two or three-year-old plants).

Why choose own-root roses?

Own-root roses are hardier than grafted roses because their crown has not been weakened. The bud union of a grafted rose is vulnerable to cold and can be easily damaged during a hard winter.Own-root roses come back true to variety if frozen to the ground, because they have their own root system. Winter kill is less likely.Own-root roses are shapelier because they send up shoots from their own roots. This creates a fuller plant over time, which adds to increased vigor, bloom, and life expectancy.Own-root roses have no rootstock suckers, meaning more energy is sent to the main plant.

Stop fighting against the troubles grafted roses have to offer and experience the own-root difference in your garden!

Frequently Asked Questions


rose plant in potrose plant in pot

Brown rose plantsBrown rose plants

When Is The Best Time To Plant A Rose Bush?

Plant your live plant anytime from spring to early fall depending on the weather in your area. Roses need to be in the ground at least 6 weeks before your first frost in the fall to allow the roots time to establish before the weather changes and the plant goes dormant; or they can also be planted after the last frost in the spring to ensure the rose will establish quickly.

Your new Heirloom Rose can remain in its own pot for up to 2 weeks after arrival on your doorstep. We suggest transplanting your rose to a larger pot if it’s not planting time in your area.

Can I Grow Roses Successfully In Containers?

ABSOLUTELY! You don’t have to have a large yard, ideal soil, or perfect drainage to grow roses. If you have a sunny location and enough room for a large container, you can be a successful rose gardener.

Opt for a tall container to accommodate your rose’s deep roots. Be sure your pot has a drainage hole as good drainage is key to a healthy plant. You can also drill a hole in your pot with a masonry bit if necessary. We do not recommend Climbers or large Shrub roses for pots.

Will My Own-Root Rose Bloom The First Year?

Own-root roses will bloom the first year with the exception of some Old Garden Roses, Ramblers, and Climbers that bloom on year-old wood. Keep in mind that, because of the age of the own-root rose, the first blooms may not be true to color, size, petal count, or fragrance. These qualities will mature as the bush matures.

If your own-root rose is planted in the fall and your growing area is colder through winter months, you most likely will not see blooms until the following spring season.

Fish Fertilizer contains mycorrhiza which is essential for plant nutrition and soil biology. This product is also safe for all stages of rose development, differentiating it from granular fertilizers which can burn the roots of younger plants. Mint Compost is rich with nitrogen and minerals which promotes healthy soil and aids plant development. It also provides moisture retention for sandy, dry soils in addition to containing rich levels of humus to help break up hard, clay soils. Living Soil is custom-blended soil dense with nutrients and minerals, uniquely provided by worm castings and four different types of mycorrhiza. This product is able to be used when planting directly into the ground or when planting with pots.

At Heirloom Roses, we know that you want to be a successful rose gardener. In order to do that, you need long-lasting, own-root roses. The problem is growing rose plants can seem daunting which makes you feel nervous to invest in your garden. We believe growing roses should be easy and rewarding. We understand it’s hard to know where to start which is why we’ve been helping gardeners grow successful own-root roses since 1972.

Here’s how we do it:

1. Buy Your Roses

2. Plant Your Roses

3. Enjoy Your Roses

So find your perfect rose today so you can stop feeling the frustration of a failed garden and instead enjoy the ease and beauty of your own-root rose garden.

DISCLAIMER: All products from Heirloom Roses are certified for domestic shipping only. Any offers to ship Heirloom Roses’ products outside of the United States without phytosanitary certification are in violation of the laws regulated by the Oregon Department of Agriculture. Currently, Heirloom Roses does not ship live rose bushes outside the United States.

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Bloom Booster
Plant Fertilizer
Rose Food
Suitable For Roses In Their Second Season & Beyond

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