Ancient Liquid Humate – Humic Acid and Kelp, Soil Conditioner for Turf and Gardens (1 Gallon)

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Product Description



Ancient Liquid Humate Organic Soil Conditioner with Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid and Kelp Meal – Nutrient Rich Organic Liquid Plant Food 32 Ounces

SOIL BENEFITS: Improves soil structure, water holding capacity, and root growth for larger plants. GREAT FOR ALL OUTDOOR PLANTS: Penetrates soil quickly, allowing for rapid root absorption.

NUTRIENT-RICH PLANT FOOD: Combination of Humic Acid (6% CDFA), Fulvic Acid, and kelp meal.

STRONGER, HEALTHIER PLANTS: Using Great Big Plant’s organic soil conditioner increases the plant’s ability to withstand extreme weather heat, drought, cold, and other types of environmental or cultural pressures!





Ancient Liquid Humate Organic Soil Conditioner

Great Big Plants Organic All Natural Compost Extract, Plant Food

Great Big Tomatoes Natural Compost Extract Fertilizer

Great Big Roses Organic Rose Food Fertilizer

All Natural

Humic Acid

Kelp Meal


How To Use

Mix 1 cup (8 fl. oz.) of Ancient Liquid Humate with 5 cups of water. Apply 1 pint of mixture per plant or shrub and 1 quart of mixture per tree. Apply every 2 months.

Hose-end sprayer – apply at 1 quart of Ancient Liquid Humate to cover 1,000 square feet of turf. Apply monthly during growing season.

Foliar Feeding: Mix at a rate of 1oz per quart of water and spray leaves until thoroughly covered in a fine mist. Spray both top and bottom of leaves for best effect. Repeat on a weekly basis. Leafy Greens should not be treated with foliar spray.

IMPROVES SOIL: Our formulation is proven to improve soil structure, water holding capacity, and penetration of clay laden soil. Results include more root growth, improved plant and tree vigor and healthier, greener turf.
SELECTED BENEFICIAL INGREDIENTS: We extract humic acids (6%) so they are bioavailable, aid in unlocking bound micronutrients, recharge depleted soil carbon and provide a food source for soil microorganisms. Cold water kelp provides potash (2%), micronutrients, and other plant beneficial compounds.
ADD TO FERTILIZER APPLICATIONS: Our soil conditioner keeps fertilizer in the root zone longer, facilitates micronutrient uptake and improves nitrogen access by increasing the carbon to nitrogen ratio leading to better uptake. Makes your fertilizer more effective.
GOOD FOR TREES: Use to supplement tree fertilizers to recharge depleted carbon deep in the root zone to improve fertilizer uptake and encourage fruit development.
GOOD FOR TURF: High nitrogen fertilizers used on turf show improved efficiency and uptake and overall better performance when our soil conditioner is added to fertilization programs. One quart in a hose end sprayer covers 1,000 square feet of turf.

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