ALINREDBX PH Meter, 3-in-1 Soil PH Meter for Garden, Soil Tester, TDS Meter Plant Soil Moisture Tester for Home Garden Laboratory Use

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PH Tester–Test the PH of the water before drink, which can protect us from unhealty water.
TDS Tester–Widely use for all water quality testing, water purification applications, aquaculture, hydroponics, water treatment and more.
Soil Tester–Help us understand the growth of plants, as well as timely supplement the plant needed nutrient.

Type: 3 in 1 Soil Testing Kit
Soil tester
pH range:3.5-8 pH (acidic-alkaline)
Humidity range:1-10 (dry-wet)
Function: Detects soil PH and wetness level

PH meter
Measurement range: 0.00- 14.00 pH
Accuracy: ±0.01 pH
Resolution: 0.01 pH
Power Supply: 2*1.5V

TDS meter
Measurement range: 0-9999ppm
Accuracy: ±2
Power supply: 2*1.5V
Operating Temperature: 32-122 °F

Package include:
1x Soil tester
1x PH meter
1x TDS meter

Please recalibrate the ph/TDS tester if it is not used/replace the battery.
After use, please wipe the ph/TDS tester and cover it again, otherwise will affect the accuracy of the next measurement.
Please don’t use the soil meter to test any liquid directly, such as pure water, lemon juice, vinegar, etc. Only be used in the soil.
Please don’t insert the soil meter into hard soil, which can easily damage the probe.

The digital PH meter is equipped with Temperature detector and PH tester function. TDS meter can tester water purity level,which show on the screen in PPM (parts per million). The soil meter test the pH,light,moisture of soil,to help grow your plant more easy.
PH tester and TDS meter have sensitive electrode sensor ,simply press “ON”. It only takes a few seconds for your result to appear the data on screen. Soil tester just need to insert the probes into the soil about 4-6 inches, wait for about 10 mins to read the accurate data.
PH and TDS tester can test quickly and accurately within ±0.02. It only takes a few seconds to show accurate data on the screen.
These meters are designed small and convenient. PH meter and can test pH balance,TDS meter can test water ppm ideal for test.
Package kit include 1 PH Meter,1 TDS Meter and 1 soil tester. Total is 3 Pieces.

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