Optimizing Seedling Growth: Transplanting into Coco Core for Success


Transplanting seedlings into a nutrient-rich medium is a crucial step in ensuring their healthy growth and development. This method utilizes coco core treated with biofungicides and supplemented with essential amendments to create an optimal environment for seedling growth.

Transplanting Process

After seeds have sprouted, typically within three to four days, it’s time to carefully transplant them into the coco core medium. The coco core should be expanded from a compressed block and treated with biofungicides to prevent damping-off, a common cause of seedling mortality.

Coco Core Preparation

To enhance the coco core’s properties and provide essential nutrients, mix in several key amendments:

  • Alfalfa Meal: Rich in tricantanol, a natural growth stimulant.
  • Kelp Meal: Provides cytokines and other natural growth regulators.
  • Insect Frass: Contains chitin, stimulating seedling immune responses for stronger growth.
  • Worm Castings: Enriches the medium with beneficial microorganisms and nutrients.
  • General Grow Fertilizer: Provides essential nutrients for early seedling growth.
  • Bone Meal: Supplies phosphorus for root development and overall plant health.

Unique Aeration Method

Instead of using perlite for aeration, this method utilizes ground oyster shells. Oyster shells are rich in calcium, which not only aerates the medium but also buffers the coco core’s negatively charged nature. This ensures the availability of calcium ions for seedling roots, crucial for cell division and overall growth.

Benefits of the Method

  • Prevents Damping-Off: Biofungicides protect against fungal infections, ensuring seedling health.
  • Mosquito Bits Usage: Mosquito bits containing bti protect against fungus gnat larvae and can be used effectively when soaked in warm, chlorine-free water.
  • Humidity Control: Removing the dome once seedlings sprout prevents excess humidity, reducing the risk of fungal problems.
  • Additional Protection: Copper fungicide can be sprayed on seeds, while sulfur can be used sparingly but may be dusty.


Transplanting seedlings into coco core using this method provides them with a nutrient-rich and well-aerated environment for optimal growth. By incorporating biofungicides, essential amendments, and ground oyster shells, you can ensure that your seedlings have the best possible start, setting the stage for a successful gardening season.

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