North Cascades National Park Backcountry Permit Fee Structure Change

Backcountry permit fees are changing at North Cascades National Park/NPS file

The North Cascades National Park Service Complex backcountry permit fee structure has changed from a per permit fee to a per person fee for backcountry camping permits. Backcountry permit fees are charged during the summer season, mid-May through early October, with no charge from early October through mid-May. 

Beginning in March, summer season backcountry permits will be $10 per person plus a $6 nonrefundable permit fee. There is no fee for youth 15 and under. This is a change from a $20 recreation fee per permit plus a $6 nonrefundable permit fee. 

The change in fee structure is in response to visitor feedback and reduces the cost for a single person by charging a per person fee, keeping permit costs more affordable. The past flat fee per permit was a higher cost for a single person. 

Revenue generated from backcountry permits helps cover the costs of administering the program, including contract support, compliance, resource protection, and administrative oversight. For more information on backcountry permits visit the Backcountry Reservation page.
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