Next Time You See Bigfoot, It’s Probably Just Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe told Kelly Ripa on a recent episode of his podcast Literally! that he got a Bigfoot costume for his 60th birthday. The first thing he did after opening the Sasquatch suit was put it on and walk down the street.

The actor turned 60 last month and had a lavish birthday party, according to Lowe’s banter with Ripa, who got on his case for not inviting her to the bash.

Lowe shares the news about his birthday gift starting around 38:20 on the episode, which contains explicit language. He says: “The first gift I got for my 60th birthday, someone got me—and I’m not kidding—an actual Bigfoot costume. And what did I do? I put it on immediately—immediately—and walked around the street in a [expletive] Bigfoot costume. [. . .] I have the spirit of a 13-year-old boy.”

It’s not the first time Lowe has dressed up like Bigfoot. He once rented a Sasquatch suit and brought it along on a family camping trip. His goal was to prank his two sons, and it worked—maybe a little too well.

He told Kelly Clarkson: “We were going to the Pacific Northwest, where Bigfoot supposedly lives, so I rented a really elaborate Bigfoot costume and I hid it in the Winnebago that we were driving, and then I hopped out in the middle of the night and walked around the campfire in the distance making, like, horrible noises.”

Lowe said his sons were about six and eight years old at the time. One of them reacted by kicking him in the groin, and the other one vomited.

He called the prank, “a family highlight.”

If you live in or around Los Angeles—or anywhere, really—just keep in mind that the next time you spot Bigfoot, it could really be Rob Lowe on the down low.

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