New York Wants Martial Law But Can’t Scare Dem Voters With Guns

When do leftist policies conflict with themselves? Just look to any blue state legislature and you will find widespread policy contradiction. Somehow, we always find ourselves back in New York when dealing with these ideologically driven bureaucrats.

At a time when crime was especially high, New York State had some of the most restrictive gun laws in the Country, but after a five-year legal battle, gun owners won their rights back in a case called New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. Bruen. Well, sort of.

One political party, in particular, seems very concerned with looking virtuous, so catering to criminals while disarming their fellow American citizens makes perfect sense in New York. At the time Kathy Hochul was appointed Governor, she decided that it would be best to let 191 criminals out of the criminal and mental institution known as Rikers Island and back on the streets of New York. Not long after, she would push back on her Bruen loss with even more gun restrictions by implementing the dangerous and erroneously named “Concealed Carry Improvement Act.”

As predicted, New York City Subway crime increased at a rate of 20% in the first two months of 2024. This, at the same time, NYC Mayor Eric Adams had been housing thousands of illegals in city hotels and schools on the taxpayer’s dime.

While national gun rights groups, including Gun Owners of America, fought the New York tyrants in court to protect the rights of New Yorkers and allow them the ability to protect themselves, New York City seemed to be building a haven for illegal, foreign, criminal, trespassers. As a result, the New York City subways became overwhelmingly dangerous. So, what did Governor Hochul do in response? She brought in the military, of course. Recently, the Governor brought 1,000 New York National Guardsmen, state police, and MTA cops to be deployed at bag checks into the subway system. Isn’t that really what she wanted all along? In typical leftist fashion, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

New York City is a very dangerous city with a manufactured crime problem that could have been prevented, but now residents need to be protected. Unfortunately, due to the constant flow of false, anti-gun propaganda, many have been conditioned to fear guns. Informed Americans are complaining that Kathy Hochul’s new subway policy is a government overreach and appears tyrannical. However, some NYC residents appear to be welcoming the presence of the military at subway checkpoints. But the guns? Not so much.

What are leftist politicians to do when they realize they have painted themselves into a corner with a new policy that offends their voter base? They can’t remove the militarized presence in the subway system because that would look like a win for conservatives, but they also can’t have the so-called “assault weapons” in the subway because they have worked so hard to condition their voters to fear them. In another twist of irony, they can’t keep the bad guys in jail because that would offend the potential voters who have been convinced the killers are just innocent victims of society.

Can you imagine the damage to the anti-gun fear campaign if left-wing voters started feeling comfortable around the very rifles Democrats have been working so hard to demonize? Heck, they might start to associate these rifles with safety and stop supporting the banning of them. That would not be good for the gun grabbers.

In the corrupt left-wing world of politics, there is only one important thing. That is the almighty vote. Here is what a couple of people in New York City had to say about the new subway policy.

Daniella Pavon, 28, said, “I don’t think that kind of a weapon should be used in such a crowded space. I do like having them [National Guard] here, I feel more protected if anything happens.”

Brooklyn teacher Jazmine Diggs, 26, also said the move by Hochul made her feel safer but didn’t think the firearms were needed. “What if someone grabs it from them and starts shooting?” Diggs said.

So, what did the originally appointed governor do? She doubled down on her policy to militarize New York City subways in what appears to be nothing more than a statement of power and the establishment of control. She also prohibited the carry of the scary rifles, in what clearly appears to be an attempt at preserving Democrat votes and reminding them that “no one needs an AR-15.”

Hypocrisy is on full display yet again in the Empire State, and the tyrants have found a way to thread the needle one more time. Military control while catering to anti-gun brainwashing. This is New York having their political cake and eating it.

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