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Today’s submission is short and sweet, but when I saw these photos pop up in the GPOD inbox I recognized the design aesthetic instantly and knew I had to share. If you’ve been following Garden Photo of the Day for a while, you might remember Howard Nemeroff’s window box through the seasons. (If you need a refresher, check it out here.). Over three years ago he shared his over-the-top designs, and today he’s finally back with more creations that might be even more impressive than the first.

Maybe if we can get enough comments on this post, Howard will be influenced to send us more photos of his creations (no pressure, Howard, but pretty pretty please?). Until then, enjoy these three incredible concoctions.

This design is so enchanting and whimsical it glows, literally. In winter we often work hard to bring little pieces of greenery and nature inside, but this window box flips that notion and gives the illusion that nature is bursting out from indoors. Evergreen clippings of all shapes, forms, and textures explode from this window and really make you wonder how anyone can think winter plantings are dull.

winter window box with pinecones and blue berriesA more traditional take on winter arrangements is no less mesmerizing. Blue and purple berries look like shining gems among the cascades of green.

spring window box with small flowers and variegated foliage plants

Finally, spring brought a colorful refresh. Bunches of begonias (Begonia hybrid, annual) pair so perfectly with variegated flax lily (Dianella tasmanica ‘Variegata’, annual) and Yellow Ripple ivy (Hedera ‘Yellow Ripple’, annual).

Has Howard inspired you to install some window boxes? Or maybe try something new in your container plantings this year? Large or small, we’d love to see what you’re potting up this season!


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