National Parks Traveler To Say In Business

Just months after it looked like the National Parks Traveler would cease after 18 years due to insufficient funding, readers, listeners, sponsors, and underwriters have provided enough financial support to keep the news organization in operation. 

Our readers and donors look to the Traveler for daily journalism on issues, science, exploration, travel, and park news. No other news organization focuses solely on national parks and protected areas, resulting in a unique blend of editorially independent coverage that led to an outpouring of support when it looked like the site would go dark at the end of June.

We’re not completely out of the woods, but the support will enable continued news coverage while we work to further solidify the Traveler’s financial footing. If you can help with that, please drop us a line.

Going forward, you can continue to count on long-form writing, explanatory journalism, podcasts, and daily news coverage from the National Park System. We’re also working to update our website, and brainstorming with our correspondents to bring you exclusive coverage from the parks, because we don’t aggregate stories, we create them by sending trained journalists out into the field. 

What sort of stories? Well, how about more great series, like the ones on invasive species of Everglades, the use of beaver in repairing park wetlands, and how climate change is affecting our parks? And we will continue to applaud National Park Service efforts when merited, but also hold park managers to their mission and commitment to protect these national treasures.

So, read on. It’s going to be a great year.

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